We Are All ALike

Alike By Comparative Test

The meek and mild, and the timid and so tame

In cold thistle’s cover, oft hush in weakened shame

From hopes to fears and faith, and ‘rounding all over again

Nary held by a hair's breadth thistle, yet by the doubter’s hand

Whilst dreams of freedom’s joyful calm, ponder rather of level play

Scarcely fewer than feigning shadows, caught parched in yesterdays

‘Till now, the brawny of mind and of nerve, the courageous well of heart

They too of restless mood clutch hope, that the meek and mild dare start

For heat and toil, weary of load, the brave do also beg

The very things the thistle held, the meek and mild dread

The meek and the might, seeking both the same

Their lot in life seem given, each willing to quick exchange

As freedom comes, in fact, by strength, with its proper rest

Aside along another see, much alike by comparative test

Copyright © 2008 Brian G. Jett