Remember Your Mother

Mothers - One of the Greatest Gifts of God

A Mother is one of the greatest gifts of God. There are many precious things that God has bestowed on us however a Mother is one of the unique gifts of God. She is the embodiment of sacrifice and love.

When a child is born, a Mother is born…and from that moment onwards, she sacrifices everything for her child.

Mama, as we all call her, is indeed an adorable person. From the time immemorial, the selfless love of a Mother is known all over the world and is a universal truth.

Have we ever thought about this unique gift of God?

In this maddening race for success and position, we are losing our values and are worried only about our goals and ourselves. In this journey of life, in some way or the other, are we not losing our values?

Yes we are, because nowadays some of us are hardly respecting this unique and pure relationship. However, it is very essential to follow these values in our lives.

Nowadays we hear many instances about mothers abandoning their children for the sake of money or for their personal benefits and there are some children who leave their parents in old age homes. These have become common in our day-to-day lives.

Let us not be one among them. Let us learn to revere our parents and of course our mother, who has given us this beautiful life by undergoing pains.

"Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn
But only one mother, the wide world over"

Written in 2008 by Deepthi Ayyappan --- India