You Are In My Thoughts

"You Are In My Thoughts"

Abstract thought
Never did appeal to me
Only what I
Thought was real to me
Had any impact on my psyche
Exact and more than likely
Registering in my consciousness

Nervous I'm a conscious mess
Infiltrating my own system of survival
Gaining strength from my arch rival
Holding on to my archival of

And now that I've found what I've sought
Looks like it all was not for naught
On the surface this ordeal to me
Negates what seemed unreal to me
Either abstract or through what a dream has brought

You are in my thoughts

Copyright 2008 Tony Haynes
Tony Haynes is "The World's Greatest Poet. As the world's Foremost Practitioner of Acrostic Poetry, in less than a minute Tony can literally pull a poem out of thin air. Give him the title of what youd like to call your poem, and he will create it for you on the spot. The catch is, he will write your name in the air, and show you how the beginning of each line in the poem hes creating spells the letters of your name downward. Its an eloquent combination of spontaneous penmanship & showmanship.

In four years Tony has written 6,700 poems, and with these poems created over 600 GreetingsBooks. He sees what he does as his mission in life, which is: "To create poetry works that touch a person's heart, soul & day-to-day life. He wants to inspire people to imagine, hope, dream and believe. Be sure to stop by his website: