Have Compassion For Your Fellow Human Being

Keep Helping Others; The World Needs Us

Allan Paul, a final year Engineering Student, was considered a safe driver by all who knew him. One sunny morning, Allan was on his way home from his friend's house on his favourite bike. All of a sudden, due to a major mistake by a truck driver near a traffic signal, Allan's bike collided with the huge truck. Poor Allan lost his legs and was laying in the middle of the road, trembling.

He cried out for help but no one bothered to pick him up. They were afraid of the consequences they could face if they gave Allan a helping hand.

There was a huge crowd gathering, watching Allan like he was an alien. Allan kept crying and shouting aloud and finally he crawled to the sidewalk all by himself. Then he saw a man getting out of a car. Allan pleaded with him and cried out, "Please help me. I want to live. Save me, I am dying".

The man ran over and helped. He picked up Allan and took him to the hospital. Allan gave him his contact number and the man then called Allan's house to inform his parents about the accident and their son's situation. Allan's parents rushed to the hospital; the doctors told them there was no hope and asked them to take Allan home since it was impossible for him to survive.

Allan asked his parents to only call one person when he died, the man who had helped him. He also requested that they not inform or allow anybody else to see his dead body. Allan passed away the same night. As was Allan's last wish, his father called only that MAN and informed him about Allan's death.

Only a person, who has a helping heart and who renders their service for the good of their fellow human beings, is a MAN. Those who fail to, remain ANIMALS forever.

Written in 2008 by Sandeep Kumar --- Dubai