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Words Of Wisdom To Motivate

October 22, 2014


How strong is the power of your vision
What is your guiding mission
How strong is your heart's desire
What sets your soul on fire

Always learn to be wise
With wisdom you will surely rise
With wisdom you will have a planned life
And you will avoid unnecessary strife

You must have a standard plan
With this it will be easier to say yes I can
You are an extraordinary man
You should be your number one fan

Great people set high expectations
They have the right set of connections
They derive joy in reading
You find them at the top always leading

Learn to make the right choice
Embrace silence and lower your voice
For on the back of people with pride
The fellows that are humble ride

On your way you will see envy and hate
Ignore them they are not your mate
The more they think you will fall
The more you understand your divine call

Put up a heart full of gratitude
Show off a nice attitude
With God all things are possible
All you need is a faith that is visible

Don't put a limit on what you believe
Where there is a limit, little you will achieve
It all starts with having the right character
It's one of the things that definitely matter

Make success a part of your culture
Join a cause that will benefit your future
At a time things will go wrong
Remember all these and be strong

--- Copyright © 2013 Seun Emmanuel Alaofin
I wrote this sometime ago, and I am sure it will motivate people. Thanks for helping people stay motivated. God bless you.

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