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The Importance Of Planting Good Seeds!

December 12, 2014


Keep Good Thoughts

In 2004 I was had the privilege of the platform at the Gas Processors Association Convention in New Orleans.

The convention was held at the Hilton Riverside Hotel.

I really wanted to be the keynote speaker. However after interviewing me, the meeting planner asked me to give a prayer breakfast presentation. I had never given a prayer breakfast talk before.

The meeting planner asked me if I knew of a piano player that could play for the prayer breakfast. I said, let me think about it and I will get back to you today.

I called someone that brought me in each year to give a fun filled presentation at East Jefferson Hospital for the Cancer Survivors Brunch. I remembered a piano player at the breakfast that was very good.

I asked for the piano player's name and phone number. I called the piano player and told him about the possible engagement at the Hilton Riverside Hotel. He called the meeting planner and was given the job to play during the breakfast.

When I fail to prepare, I prepare not to do so well! I prepared my best presentation for the prayer breakfast! They paid my full fee. I also asked for a testimonial note that I could use in my marketing efforts.

Ten years later (last week) someone called me and said, "I was in the audience at the Gas Processors Convention in New Orleans. Please come to Columbus Ohio in August to give a Prayer Breakfast presentation and will be very happy to pay your full out of town fee with any of your travel expenses."

The reason I tell you this story is because we are always planting seeds for the future. However we never know when they will come up and give us the surprise of our lives.

Keep telling and asking! Never give up five minutes before your miracle happens! I love to plant seeds of fun and happiness!

--- Copyright © 2014 Mike Marino, Jr.
Mike Marino, Jr. aka "In Person", is the co-author of two books and an Inspirational Distinguished Toastmaster who helps people fall in love with learning. He speaks and writes on the love of Knowledge is the root of all good!. To book Mike for your next association meeting, conference or corporate event, contact Mike Marino, Jr. "In Person" 504 833 4405

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