Business people agree there is a wall to success - what is it?



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The Wall To Success

March 7, 2014


The wall to success will help you achieve your business goals.

Sometimes You Have To Learn To Juggle

To achieve success, there is a wall in between.

W: W stands for Will. If we have strong Will, anything is possible.

A: A stands for Ability. Though we have strong Will, we should improve ourselves to develop our Ability, either through learning, experience etc.

L: L stands for Liaison. We should develop our networks, should develop the relationships and cooperate with each other so that when we need something, we get help from others.

L: Final L stands for Luck. So, luck comes only at the end. We should not be disappointed that we don't have luck; rather we should concentrate on our Will /desire and to achieve it, we should focus on our Ability.

--- Copyright © 2014 Jitendra M. Joshi
Jitendra works for an airlines based company in Nepal.

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