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January 31, 2014


You Will Be Okay

I want to share my story to encourage those who think that death is a solution.

On the 18th of August, I was on my way home from one of my relatives. It was about 7pm when I met two drunk boys; one appeared in front of me and one behind. The boy behind took out a knife and said he wanted a phone and money. I had nothing with me except for two lossdraws and some coins in my pocket.

When they noticed I had nothing with me, they grabbed me into the bushes near my home. Unfortunately that night was very windy and people were inside the houses.

The other rude boy pointed a knife at me and ordered me to strip off my clothes. I refused and he said that he would do it himself - stab me in the eyes and leave me there.

To hear that, I took off my clothes. He laid me down and forced himself on me. When he was done, the other boy also did the same. After, they took my shoes and ran away!

Wearing just my clothes, I ran to the near main road. A white bakkie (small pickup truck) was passing by and the people inside saw me crying. They stopped and I told them what happened.

They rushed me to hospital. I first had to open a case at the police station before they could help me at the hospital. I did so and I was checked over and given some injections and pills to take. They also cleaned me and took some of the sperms to keep as proof.

I went home and I cried all day.

I was all alone at home. My mother left me at 17 and my two brothers and two sisters were @jhb... so I cried not knowing what to do and I didn't know whom to trust.

The police investigated and they caught the boys selling my shoes (dusty pink carvella) and the boys were arrested. I am still waiting to hear about the court date and stuff!

So what I want to say to you, my dear sister in a similar situation as mine, is that you are blessed that you are alive. I feel blessed too that they didn't kill me or do something horrible to me. Shame, some aren't this lucky. Some get raped and killed after being raped or get raped and stabbed in the eyes so that they can't identify the abusers.

You are not alone, just ask God to give you strength to carry on.

Love you!

--- Written by L.N., Age 19 --- South Africa

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