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True Story: A "Nurse" I Know

June 27, 2014


They Say There Are Angels Everywhere

I know of a "Nurse" that works in an environment that is stressful, painful and sad. At least that's what most people's sentiments are. This is no ordinary nurse, she has strength, courage & confidence beyond the norm and has the ability to cure those seeking and needing to be cured. What makes this Nurse extraordinary is that she did not receive her education in nursing nor in trade school.

This Nurse has been given her gifts and talents from a different source, a higher source, a higher power, a higher education. What makes this true story more inspiring is this Nurse does not work in a hospital or clinic. She works for the CEO of CEO's, the Boss of Boss's, the King of Kings, she is doing God's providential work by her Purpose.

Lorena a two-time cancer survivor and a young mom of three adorable kids, could have chosen to rest and recover from her treatment, stay home, do nothing and deservingly so. Lorena, instead of laying soaking or worrying, puts on her Warrior suit, her "Nurse's" outfit, her Facilitator of Hope Armor and starts a support group, a group for cancer patients, for those going through a similar fight that she went through, the biggest bought there is, the fight for your life.

Lorena could have stopped there and being the Purposeful blessing she is, would leave her Armor and Outfits on. Again, Lorena could have chosen to stay home, however her providential quest was CALLING. Not letting her restricted finances get in her way, Lorena would conduct toy drives. Toy drives for the little souls that would not have received toys for Christmas otherwise.

You see, Lorena is a healer of pain, lifter of stress, enlightener of sadness, and a facilitator of hope. Lorena relieved some of the pain of those undergoing treatment and letting them know there is hope, hope for a brighter future. Lorena relieved the sadness of those little kids not knowing if they would get a visit from Santa Claus, however Lorena is one for their cause.

Lorena's work you see is not in a Hospital, her work is in the place we call Life. Thanks to her, we can say this world is a little better.

7 years later, a healthy Lorena continues to help and support others.

--- Author wishes to remain "Anonymous"

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