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Dreams Are Today's Answers
To Tomorrow's Questions

July 25, 2014


What Do You Dream About?

Be strong, because you know your weaknesses
You don't have to give up
Always have the ability to achieve more
You are fearless because you learnt to recognize reality
Be wise because YOU NEED TO learn from your mistakes
Be all over because of the love of the friends and families
Laugh even if you are sad
Be a leader who knows the way
Don't explain your need to friends/family
Don't start a new world with old energies
Always accept unearned guilt to free your soul and spirit
Be a pillar, fighter and a counselor; at the same time, a parent to everyone
Especially for those who need a shoulder to cry on
Be a father or mother of the world
The quality of your work will please the world not the QUANTITY
That is the dream of today to answer tomorrow's question
--- Copyright © 2014 Patricia Koena Selemela

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