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Always, I Am With You

August 22, 2014


Love Is Everlasting

You have told me time and again,
That I am your life and your mission,
You used to say that life would cease after me,
I still exist but you have ceased to live even with me.

As of yesterday I am still looking at you,
Holding your hand, staring at you.
But now it seems you are not with me,
Standing alone, fighting with your own agony.

I know you are very much depressed,
At this point, trying to overcome it.
I am also patiently waiting for that moment.
But apprehend that it might not be too late.

Life is too short; we must take the ugly strife
For such is the way and the spice of life.
I don't know what to say and how to convince
This is indeed a phase, yet another experience.
We are for each other, for this is true,
Remember that always I will, and I'm with you.

--- Copyright © 2014 Mrs. Swarna Prabha Kar

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