By Miles Patrick Yohnke
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Released February 21, 2014

The silence of our internal sadness can become deafening.

The torment from childhood. A small fragile body. A heart can be broken. Or, it can be one of a glamorous life that you can help guide with infinite possibilities.

The balance of life lies in your hands.

Perhaps at birth, a female's tubes should be tied or a male vasectomized. Then, at a certain age, similar to a driver's license, one should pass a test on parenting before being able to have a child. Only upon passing the test should they then have a vasectomy or tubal ligation reversal.

This is just a thought of course. In medical terms, reversals have a low success rate. I know it would be an unorthodox thing to do in reality, but can you imagine the world in six or seven generations with this in place?

My goal is to make you think as well as to make a point. A point of thought. Young justice offenders. Why are there so many in the world? Think of the cost. Think of the frustration they feel. Being brought into a world with no chance of making the right decisions, just because two people who probably should never have kids because of their own lack of upbringing decided to fornicate?

Perhaps Presidents wouldn't cheat on their wives because they'd be comfortable in their own skin. We would no longer need the type of policing that is required now because there wouldn't be near the amount of violence. No more greed, since people wouldn't be trying to outdo their fellow man.

They would feel good about themselves. Be content with what they had. We wouldn't have organized crime and drug cartels, as they wouldn't have an outlet for their products. They wouldn't need 'bling', money, cars or real estate to feed their egos, to feel empowered, liked or respected. That void would be filled with proper parenting skills of nurturing and praise.

Most wars are based on religious beliefs. Holy wars or Just wars. Oxymorons. Sounds laughable in ways. Yet, it appears no one is understanding the joke. To commit such heinous acts of violence in the name of God demonstrates a lack of belief in and fear of God. How are His teachings honored when suicide bombers blow up innocent, men, women and children? These are the actions of lost souls and non-believers. People changing the rules to suit their own disgusting agendas.

A fallen world. The evolution of this world which has seemingly died, but has yet to be buried. Haunted by wars. Haunted by power. Haunted by greed. Haunted by lies. Haunted by the spoken word of hatred. End the horrors of this language. This cultural poisoning.

Nowadays, we have reached such a technological knowledge base that our skills and morals are outdated and have not kept up with the times.

We have 21st century software (technically) but are running it on 50,000 year-old outdated hardware (brain power). We need to upgrade our brains. We have to demand new answers to the riddle of our existence.

Many a troubled soul cannot escape so easily from themselves. Struggling to break bad habits, whether it's alcohol, drugs, smoking, gambling, overeating, harmful relationship patterns, overindulgence in sex, chronic procrastination or incessant stress and anxiety. The list is long and growing daily.

Anyone that has ever used alcohol wasn't looking for a feeling. They were looking for acceptance or escape.

For the most part, people are trying their best to tune out. Drug and alcohol use are the norm. They are doing everything possible to change their realities. The question is: What is wrong with their reality? Isn't it time people start really tuning in and adjusting it so it is better?

For most, the chase is all they know. What they are chasing is someone else's conception of what they should be. The big corporations' ideas (whose profits are directly related to sales) on what will make them happy.

Bullying isn't just a kids problem.

It's found everywhere and at every age. It is found in the workplace, with your position being in question from a higher authority. In ads, that you will be less or missing out without buying their product. In church, with the threat that you will go to hell or be doomed. In parliament, with each party acting like little children fighting in a sandbox.

Bullying's face is power, greed and insecurity, and will always be with us until adults start acting like adults and stop allowing children and adults to be bullied. By teaching their own children proper values. This isn't going to happen until they themselves understand it.

We have all these bylaws and rules in place to keep us civilly in line. We can at a certain age obtain a driver's license and at a certain age one can legally drink alcohol. We have hunting licenses, marriage licenses and even cat and dog licenses. But we don't have a parenting license?

What is a license? It means that you are judged by that licensing body to be fit to have or do something. To be deemed competent enough to partake in something responsibly. Sometimes this is issued after passing a test.

Does the lack of a parenting license show just how much (or little) we value human life or the process of creating it? Perhaps a test in parenting should be given?

For now, let's start stripping away our rage, our hate, our jealousy towards our fellow man. Our 'me' mindset that our culture brainwashes us with daily. Let's reclaim our DNA and bask within a happy life. Bestow this. This betterment of living upon others.

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Copyright 2014 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

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