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Earthly Nature

October 24, 2014


You Can Change

As I returned from my dentist's office, I weighed the story he related to me of his previous patient. About to open his mouth, with the menacing drill lowered toward him, the patient said, "Be careful Doc; I can stand anything but pain." Aren't we all like that? We'll do most anything to avoid pain. We always want to take the path of least resistance.

We look for weight programs that don't require us counting calories or giving up our favorite foods. We look for exercise programs that won't make us sweat too much or make us too sore or tired. We avoid the tough teachers and the tough classes in school, because we don't want to confront the difficult tasks.

When it comes right down to it, we don't like the hard work required to accomplish the goals we truly want in our lives. Even in areas that we know is in our best interest, we avoid the disciplines that will help us most. Why are we like this? Why can't we naturally take the path we know is best for us? Our earthly nature is to avoid the pain of diet, exercise, difficult classes, and hard work.

Realize that you can change your nature. You can choose the arduous tough, troublesome, and trying pathway. For, it is in facing the difficult choices that you will truly grow. It is in confronting the tough tasks that you will advance your being. It is in choosing to be your best that you will benefit yourself and your fellowman.

God gives you a choice when you encounter your earthly nature. You can overcome the problems that challenge you or you can wallow in your past by evading all encounters in following your earthly nature. It's your choice. My hope is that you'll step forward, in faith, and garner what God purposed your life to be.

--- Copyright © 2014 Bob Stoess
Bob Stoess is a Retired CEO, prolific writer and wonderful mentor.

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