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February 21, 2014


Beautiful Memories Of My Dad

I thought of you today, Dad. I almost laugh out loud when I see you in myself, from the thinning hair on my head and to the ways I react to everyday occurrences. It makes me realize that you're a part of me and will always be within my heart. It brought a warm smile, as I remembered how you taught me about character, honesty, integrity, and self-respect. You taught me to enjoy life; that fun and recreation were needed to refresh the creative forces in improving my every effort. You taught me to enjoy my work, as almost one third of my life is spent in my endeavors.

You taught me to share of my abundance, for only in giving do I truly receive. You taught me to tithe, as that was God's portion of all the abundance He had provided to me. You taught me about love, as you shared of yourself with all seven of us children. But, most of all Dad, I thought of how you taught me of God's great love for His children. You showed the way, by being at church each time the doors were open. I was watching you, as you led our family in prayer each night before going to bed. Through you Dad, I learned what is truly important in life. I now know that you continue to live through me and I hope I have passed that legacy on to my kids.

I know that your life was not easy, losing your father when you were only two years old. I know that having to drop out of school and help provide for your mother was a necessity. You owned up to your responsibilities, as you did in providing for our family. Thanks, Dad.

So, parents and especially to all you Dads, remember that you do make a difference by what you teach your children. Know that you can make a difference in each child and that they will make a difference in this world.

Children, now is the time to express your love and thanks to your Dad for what he does for you. A big hug, a warm thank you, and living a life of purpose will give him more joy that you can imagine. Go make his day.

--- Copyright © 2014 Bob Stoess
Bob Stoess is a Retired CEO, prolific writer and wonderful mentor.

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