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Victory Beyond Fear

March 9, 2012


It's Victory Beyond Fear

Nature always tries to maintain an equilibrium
No matter the extent it swings (like a pendulum)
If it swings more towards left
Then it is bound to traverse the entire length towards right
Two steps right would bring it back two steps left
Likewise one can predict the movements back and forth

The natural tendency might well be, to acquire a negative trait
But nature aids and abets to revert back to the positive state
To turn into a Balmiki*, every Ratnakar* has a hidden capacity
It only requires the Midas touch to discover that quality
Over the ages, it has remained a masked reality

Just as there is opportunity for every bad man to be a seer
Similarly a river has to find its path through many a barrier
In this process, some may dry out in the middle
The persevering ones only meet the ocean, to end their travail

This is a positive approach to a negative theory
We have to find the medium to arrive at the desired end to the story
It requires sheer willpower to cross the unknown barrier
For everyone should know, there is always victory beyond fear

--- Copyright © 2012 Mrs. Swarna Prabha Kar
* Balmiki and Ratnakar are two faces, good and bad, of same person from Ramayan

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