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August 24, 2012


Intuition and How It Helps You

This weekend my champion and I went to "The American Stonehenge" in Salem, New Hampshire. We got our map and began our hike. The first thing we were greeted with were a few Alpacas, which were not as interested in us humans as we were with them.

As we headed along the trail I immediately began to feel the rush of energy vibrate throughout my being. I wondered if the other people walking along this trail felt the energy as I did while taking in the sight and history of the layout. We walked through "Oracle's Way" which led us directly into a cave, walked through the rest of the park and walked through the woods, taking in all the beauty this space had to offer.

Later that day we discussed our experiences and discovered our intuitions had cracked open a little bit wider. How exciting! I love being witness to others' trusting and allowing their intuitive knowing to shine!

We all have intuition and with awareness and quieting our minds; this intuition grows stronger with time. When we quiet our minds and tune in we find our intuition always there, guiding us, warning us, or clueing us in to what we are questioning with our heads.

How many times have you just had a knowing to do something, or an urge to go one way or another? That "uh-oh" feeling in your belly when something feels off? All of these nudges are our intuition speaking to us loud and clear.

We tend to be more in our heads than in our hearts when experiencing emotions or feelings. A great terminology I have learned some years back is "Go Vertical" --- meaning get out of your head & into your heart.

This technique proves useful when looking to tune into our intuitive sense. What is your inner knowing telling you? Are you being guided toward something without really knowing how you know you're being guided?

This is your intuition.

This week: get quiet and turn inward. Your intuition is trying to get your attention!

Are you listening?

Until next time,

Peace & Knowing


--- Copyright © 2012 Cynthia Farina

Cynthia Farina is a life coach, energy healer and intuitive teacher. She uses her innate talents, as well as a variety of divination tools in order to coach her clients to stand in a place of strength and truth on their own journey of self-realization.

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