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Your Soul Is Always Safe
It Belongs To God

October 12, 2012


Sold My Soul

My struggles finally caught up with me, got the devil on my mind.
He said I can make your life much better, just sign on the line.
I'll give you anything you want,fill your life with riches.
Happiness is not in the form of a struggle, are you ready to switch it?

Sign here I'll get your soul,you get the life that you wanted.
God cried 40 days and 40 nights till the whole world was flooded.
The sun rose the land dried; this was the new beginning.
Will I follow in his word or will I keep on sinning?

How can I keep on living when my flesh was made to sin?
It seems like I was born to lose but I am dying to win.
The devil's at it again; you wanna play on a winning team?
Sign your soul over to me and in God you can still believe.

I heard the thunder, saw the lightning, the wind created a breeze.
The ground cracked and rumbled,the water rose from the seas.
God spoke, he said we both exist now that you can believe.
But you can never sell your soul, because that belongs to me.

--- Copyright © 2006 Terrence Degree

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