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Succeed With Applied Knowledge

May 11, 2012


Hi Friends!

If we want to be successful, we must love to gain more and more knowledge. Knowledge is the main power that propels us towards success. Nothing great can happen without knowledge. Life is really very beautiful only if you have right knowledge to look at it.

Everything that we want to achieve we can achieve, if we are strong enough to give the final touch to any task. Most of the people in world are not failures because they don't want to succeed but due to lack of knowledge, success seems very difficult for them. It's knowledge that makes any work easy. Having a desire to do something can only force you to initiate but not to win. To win, you must learn how to win.

For example:

If someone wants to swim, can he swim if he doesn't know how to swim? If he hasn't learned the way of swimming and he gets into the water, he will surely die.

This happens with most of us when we start something without learning about it first. No doubt that doing is learning but before doing, we can learn how to do it by seeing someone else doing it. So it's important to understand that seeing how is the answer to learning how.

Once you know how, you should never worry about results. You must start with the knowledge that the Gita gives: "Do your karma and don't expect results." Results are bound to come if your actions have the motive to serve with honesty.

Success and knowledge cannot be apart from each other. So if you are trying but not succeeding, then try again but not the same way. Just stop and think what you are lacking; what's not in you.

Talk to yourself; ask why you are not being able to do what you want to do. Your soul will reply to all these queries and believe me, you will feel a sound in your heart that will make you sure you are born to win. And that's what the reality is.

God never wants you fail but he does so because he wants you to become more knowledgeable. He loves you the most and you should also love him the most. Then there will be no problems in life.

--- Copyright © 2012 Shashish Kumar Tiwari

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