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"I'd Like To Dedicate This Song"

February 10, 2012


Believe In You

The song that has meant the most to me since I was the age of three, watching the movie Space Jam, is called "I Believe I Can Fly" by R-Kelly. I chose this song because every time I listen to the song it reminds me that as long as I believe, I can be or do whatever I want in life even with a disability.

I didn't know much of what the song meant a long time ago but as I grew older, I still loved the song and started to listen to the words more and more. Every time I listen to it, I think about all the obstacles I have overcome.

When I was little, I had to use a wheelchair and a walker because I have a disability named Cerebral Palsy. The doctors told my mother I had a slim chance of ever walking but I was determined to walk because I disliked that walker and the wheelchair. So even though I didn't like the walker or the wheelchair, I knew that I had to believe in myself to accomplish my goal to walk someday.

One day the orthopedic doctor told my mother that he could do a surgery that would help me walk. So when I was three and one-half, I had my first surgery.

I disliked the cast because it was a half body cast, with a bar in the middle of my legs, and it was very itchy. I was a very active kid so being in a bed for six weeks, not being able to move, felt horrible. I knew after all the pain and the crying it would be worth it in the long run.

Finally, at the age of four, I got my cast off and I felt free when I finally went through all the therapy and learned how to walk.

The song says, "I see me running though that open door." That's what I felt like; I believed I could fly just like the song says. That day it felt like I was on cloud nine spreading my wings. I knew from that day forward I had a lot of work to do, but like the song says, "There are miracles in life I must achieve, but first I know it starts inside of me, Oh." I am one of the miracles in life.

I've leaned on the everlasting arms of my parents and I've always known I had to be strong, and it started inside of me. I've always believed I can touch the sky. I still have more obstacles to overcome, but I will always believe I can fly, as long as I Believe. This song describes me so well that I feel like the song was written for me. As the years go by, I am going to continue to spread my wings and believe.

--- Copyright © 2012 Xavier Bates
--- Submitted by Isaac Bates
This essay was written by my son, who is seventeen. I felt that it was so well expressed that I wanted to share it.

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