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I Can Still Matter

November 16, 2012


As time passes on
I turn the next page
to discover a new me
while I continue to age.

I may no longer be
who I was long ago
but I still can matter -
that much I know.

With a new set of tools
I have gathered from time -
I keep looking forward
to more mountains to climb.

My best is not over
as the skeptics might say -
I just learn how to conquer
in a much wiser way.

So don't sell me short -
I am not nearly done.
I've only just begun.

--- Copyright © 2012 Tom Krause
I wrote this poem while dealing with retirement after 31 years of teaching. Tom Krause is a 17-time contributing author to the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series. Learn more about Tom at his website:

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