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What Is Your Story?
Your One Story Of Accomplishment?

August 17, 2012


A Signature Story!

What is your signature story? Everyone has many stories, however everyone has only one signature story. No one else can tell your signature story the way you do. It is like your writing signature, only you can sign your name that way. The best counterfeiters cannot perfectly duplicate your signature.

Here is a satire of my signature story. This not true. Of all of my mother's ten children, I talked constantly. My mother decided to lock me in the glove compartment when I was three years old. She could not stop me from talking. I managed to get the button that controlled the light in the glove compartment. The light came on and I read the Car Manual backwards and managed to open the glove compartment and now I do most everything backwards.

I forgave my mother for doing that to me when I was only three years old and she forgave me for talking too much. Now everything is ok! This is my not true story and I am not sticking to it!

My beautiful Mother would never have locked me in the glove compartment. My beautiful Mother never drove a car. I have met people that perpetuate a story that is not their signature story in their lives and just cannot do what they must do to be happy. Everyone has a story. Get in touch with your real story that shows you can do anything you put your heart and soul to!

The truth sets everyone free to move on with love in their hearts. VERITAS is truth in Latin.

Your real signature story is your life's motivation to do anything you want to do. First you must get in touch with your real story and that should propel you to do bold deeds. Remember everyone has many stories. However everyone only has one signature story. Now are you ready for my real signature story?

I met a girl at a dance. I staked my claim to her. I dated her for three years. In my opinion she was very close to her mother. Her mother was very close to her.

Many men tried to pursue her and failed. My picture is in the dictionary next to the word persistence. Once I staked my claim, I worked my claim with true diligence.

I felt like the dark horse in the family. Everyone looked at me like I was trouble waiting to happen. Her Grandfather passed away in his 90's. I went to the funeral. At the funeral home the entire family was in attendance. My wife's sister had a son about five years old. He was already calling me Uncle Mike because I was over at their home so much.

The little boy climbed up on to the sofa that I was sitting on and cupped his hands around my ear and said, "Uncle Mike, Aunt Nuni told Grandma she is going to marry you, no matter what anybody says!" The family called my wife Marie, Nuni! I yelled out loud in the Funeral home, Yahoo!

Everyone turned to look at me on the sofa with a not too good a look. Success! I had accomplished what I wanted. Her mother came to live with us her last five years; she was in her 90's. Her mother laughed at my jokes. If I could accomplish this, I could do anything if I just remember the passions and determination that I had at that time.

I tell you this story because you have within you a signature story of accomplishment. Now you must get in touch with the toughest mountain you have ever climbed because if you did it once, you can do it again, and again. No more excuses

This is my real story and I am sticking with it! We are married 45 years, two children and four perfect grandchildren. Did I mention to you that I eat rocky road ice cream?

(The words of a renowned foot soldier, inimitable, husband, father, son, brother, grandfather, business guru, philosopher, acclaimed speaker, soothsayer, Licensed New Orleans Tour Guide, Great Humanitarian, and an author of; "YOU HAVE THE WORLD IN A JUG with the CORK IN YOUR HAND")

--- Copyright © 2012 Mike Marino, Jr.(In Person)
Mike Marino, Jr. aka "In Person", is the co-author of two books and an Inspirational Distinguished Toastmaster who helps people fall in love with learning. He speaks and writes on the love of Knowledge is the root of all good!. To book Mike for your next association meeting, conference or corporate event, contact Mike Marino, Jr. "In Person" 504 833 4405 or email

Proud member of the New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitors Bureau since 1986. Be sure to visit his website:

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