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What Do You Know About
The Law Of Attraction?

February 24, 2012


Strategies For Using The Law Of Attraction

There's a lot of discussion these days about the law of attraction. It's amazing how polarizing much of the dialog can be. The underlying metaphysics behind the law of attraction, or LOA for short, seems to set off a wide range of emotions in people. I've talked to folks who are near euphoric about the LOA and those who viciously curse the whole concept saying its proponents are nothing more than fast-buck charlatans hocking metaphysical snake oil.

In this piece we'll be looking at some of the reasons the law of attraction triggers such strong emotions as well as examining the fundamental components of the law and how we can benefit from its implementation.

My personal experience with the law of attraction demonstrates that it closely parallels the law of cause and effect. The only appreciable difference is that it's considerably more challenging to scientifically measure and prove the results of the law of attraction. It's this difficulty that fuels much of the fiery debate.

Like Attracts Like

Let's take a look at the law. Essentially, the law of attraction states that like attracts like. More specifically, one's thoughts, attitudes and deeds attract like results in the physical world. Simply put, think positive, constructive thoughts and reap positive and rewarding results. Think disparaging and negative thoughts and harvest unpleasant results. Could the underlying essence of our existence really be so simple? I believe so.

One might liken a thought to a seed with the result being a flower or a weed, as the case may be. Seeds placed into soil and properly nurtured produce healthy plants. The trick to all of this in practice is to plant only the types of seeds that will bear beneficial fruits. But due to certain circumstances we don't always have control over many of our seeds or ideas. It's these seeds that end up producing untoward results in our lives. Follow along.

Some people have been conditioned from an early age to look at the downside to most things. Some are wired to play devil's advocate. They look for ways that things might go wrong. Others have been taught to believe that poverty is noble. Still others have learned that romantic love is for fools. And some folks have grown up in an environment of illness and confusion.

The impressions, or seeds we cultivate during our formative years are the ones that dictate our thoughts, feelings and real-world results throughout the rest of our lives unless we make a conscious effort to change them. Let's look at an example.

I know a man who, since a very early age fancied himself as an entrepreneur. It was always his goal to become wealthy. As a youth he began selling newspapers and graduated to selling greeting cards and other items. He was always working on one enterprise or another.

During the 1980s mortgage interest rates were extremely high. So high in fact, that "creative financing" became a mainstay of people wanting to sell residential real estate. With interest rates so high and mortgage money at such a premium, creative financing was often the only way a home purchase could be consummated.

Real estate gurus emerged from all corners and my friend attended several seminars to learn the techniques. Soon after, he actually went into the marketplace and began to buy and sell residential property. And he made some excellent money at it.

Easy Come Easy Go

The problem was, he was never able to keep the money for long. I'm not going to go into great detail on why. But his own examination of the situation revealed something very insightful. It seems that both of his parents grew up during the depression of the 1930s. During my friend's formative years his folks had been known to tell him things like: "... we aren't the type of people who have money or nice things." And, "Don't set your sights too high and you won't be disappointed."

These were the seeds that were planted when he was far too young to know any better. And since this stuff came from otherwise loving authority figures he naturally internalized them. Consciously he knew he was worthy of good things. But the seeds that had been inadvertently planted during his childhood were delivering the results of his true beliefs, the ones that lived within his subconscious, beliefs that determine the nature of the fruits.

This realization put my friend on a completely different path. He read all he could about psychology, metaphysics, spirituality and human programming. He then worked to eliminate the non-supportive impressions he'd received. In principle it was easy. But in practice it took diligent effort.

Commercialization Of The Law Of Attraction

One of the main reasons some loath the entire notion of the LOA is because certain promoters in the marketplace misrepresent the law. They sometimes make it sound like some push button solution to life's problems. Although the idea of positive thoughts producing positive results is a simple concept, it's not always easy to put the strategy into practice. Why? There are a variety of reasons.

Now, if we're to believe much of the hype around the commercialization of the law one might get the idea that simply thinking nice thoughts will bring nice results. And again, that's true. But humans are far more complex than that.

In keeping with the seed metaphor, let's say that your subconscious mind has a considerable number of “weeds” that have taken root over time. And let's also say that you decide you want to attract love or health or money. So you decide to think in a positive way along the lines of one of those desires. Let's say you desire an affectionate and nurturing relationship with a woman.

So you begin to think and meditate on the perfect partner for you. And just as these seeds begin to sprout, one or more of the weeds in your subconscious strangle the sprout. In actual life this may play out in any number of ways depending on the nature of the impressions you're harboring.

Perhaps you grew up watching your father treating your mom in a disrespectful way. Or maybe you somehow got the idea that women were playthings and you've acted in that way for years. Maybe you've had issues with your mother. The point is, there could be any number of reasons you don't immediately manifest your dominant thoughts of a loving, nurturing relationship.

And if you've bought into the notion that the LOA is a push button solution to everything you need and want, you're likely to be disappointed and even angry. See, without the proper awareness of previous non-supportive impressions dwelling in your subconscious you may want to dismiss the law of attraction as a bunch of hooey and seek out a different solution to your desires.

But here's the irony: there is no other solution. Everything comes back to like attracting like. So what's the answer? It's simple. You need to flush out the non-supportive impressions you're harboring in your subconscious mind. Some people spend decades in conventional psychotherapy in an attempt to clear the subconscious of weeds. Often they spend many thousands of dollars and make little or no progress.

The truth is, there are simple and easy-to-implement techniques that will allow virtually anyone to clear the path for the implementation of the LOA. One is focused meditation. There are also several Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques designed to do just that. That will be the topic of an upcoming article. Be sure to stop back to check it out.

--- Copyright © 2009 Charles Steed

Charles Steed has been a student of human development for more than 20 years and has written extensively on the topic. To learn more about the law of attraction and other powerful self improvement techniques visit:

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