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Taming The Cranky Inner You

September 28, 2012


Are you like Joe Pesci?

I don't know about you but when I find myself slipping into mental overload mode, I become like the guy on the television commercial who turns into "Joe Pesci" and starts verbally attacking some girls at a party! His friend pulls him aside and suggests he eat a Snickers bar, ... which miraculously transforms him back into the calmer, more normal version of himself.

As for when my inner crankiness rears its ugly head, ... it gets ugly!

Unfortunately, for anyone in my line of fire they quickly find out that handing me a candy bar simply will not calm this beast!

(... Giggle giggle giggle!)

When I'm "spitting fire," the signs are loud and clear! I can almost hear my inner voice exploding like a Las Vegas billboard all lit-up with the words: "Cynthia, step away from everyone and embrace your alone time!"

Lack of "alone time" definitely ignites my inner crankiness.

As much as I love my Champion, my friends and my family, when I neglect to schedule alone time for myself, constantly running around like the Energizer Bunny; my inner crankiness exposes itself in a big way!

For some people (like the Joe Pesci character in the Snickers commercial) it's hunger that triggers crankiness. Perhaps for you it could be lack of sleep, boredom, being overworked; ... you get my point. e all have something that triggers our Inner Beasts!

My "Ah-ha!" moment was while driving to New Jersey this past weekend. Even while having clear directions in-hand, I found myself heading the wrong way more than once. (... Very frustrating -- especially when I have a pretty good sense of direction!) I sensed rather quickly this situation was feeding my Inner (Cranky!) Beast!!!

So once all was said and done and we arrived safely at our destination, I had time to really consider the "whys" of my crankiness. Looking back at the past few weeks, I neglected to carve out any alone time for myself. Although meditating definitely supports me during outbreaks of my Cranky Beast, it has become apparent that it's just not enough.

So instead of submitting to "self-punishment" and reprimanding myself for not listening to my screaming inner voice and unnecessarily subjecting everyone to my moods; I reminded myself to take a deep breath, forgive myself, and pencil in some much needed alone time!

A solid hour or two usually does the trick! It not only calms me down, it rejuvenates me, allowing me to get clear, focused and grounded.

So my challenge to you this week is to really focus within and notice what drives your inner crankiness. Once we recognize our trigger points, we are able to hit the "reset" button and not take it out on ourselves (or those around us... ).

Here's to calming our "Inner Cranky Beast," while nurturing what's best for us!

Until next time,

Peace & Blue Jeans!

--- Copyright © 2012 Cynthia Farina HHCP
Cynthia Farina is a life coach, energy healer and intuitive teacher. She uses her innate talents, as well as a variety of divination tools in order to coach her clients to stand in a place of strength and truth on their own journey of self-realization.

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