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My Most Unforgettable Personality

September 14, 2012


My Mother

My mother may not be so famous, but she is no less than a personality.

She may not have done anything great for the country like:
- Sachin Tendulkar
- Dr. A.P.G. Abdul Kalam

But she has done great things for me.

She may not have received any awards like:
- Bharat Ratna
- Padma Vibhushan

But I have rewarded her with the greatest award- LOVE.

She may not have fought bravely or made high conquests like:
- Bhagat Singh Aazad
- Shubhas Chandra Bose

But she has fought with the daily life problems that arise every day.

She may not have served the nation but she has served me as if I were a king.

Though I spoke ill to her, she never minded it. Though she was hurt, she never revealed it. If anything made her unhappy but made me feel happy, she would do it without hesitation. She remained hungry to fill my stomach. She crushed her own dreams to crumbles to fulfill my dreams.

Isn't such a polite, kind, selfless mother who has cried within to make us feel happy in the harshest conditions an ideal to all the personalities?

--- Copyright © 2012 Saumya Nilesh Khimsaria

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