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He Had Dreams

April 13, 2012


Story of A Boy - He Had Dreams

Yes, I know a Boy, He had Dreams...

When he stepped into School
He cried & and jumped into trouble
His Father taught him, he had to fly
And he confirmed, he had Dreams...

He struggled, but he learned
And somehow he managed to fly
As He knew, he had Dreams...

He shined, even while falling down a number of times,
As His Father cheered him on...
He knew, he had Dreams...

One day he encountered Graduate School
Again, he began to fail but he tried
His father cheered him on,
He shined in sports, once in a while
So, he managed to fly
As He knew, he had Dreams...

Obvious responsibility came his way,
He had to earn and not leaving to learn,
He was dumped into the Dark and failed for some time,
No hope of rise, but finally, he managed to fly
As He knew, he had Dreams...

He was the victim and criticized at times
No one to support, no one to cry
But he managed to fly
At the places he traversed, leaving his marks
As He knew, he had Dreams...

Whoever he met on the Journey, he helped
Leaving all encouraged and blessed
Never being helped, but help of hand, he always stretched
These blessings would help, so he managed to fly
As He knew, he had Dreams...

Long journey came to a halt, leaving behind beloved,
Struggled path, but with fulfillment of Dreams achieved,
He hang on and said, "Yes ! I've managed to fly, I knew, I had Dreams... "
Just prayed and wished, as still he had a Dream...

Nicely living the whole life and from its earnings, he dreamed
He would get a New Human Birth
For bringing love and peace
And to help all he encountered in his previous birth
Just spending the whole Next Birth for them...

And the God got puzzled,
Because the Boy created a New Birth, from given one...
And the God agreed, he would be an Angel ...
Because the Boy knew, his All beloved too, had Dreams...

Yes, I know such a Boy... He had Dreams...

--- Copyright © 2012 Keyur N. Shukla

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