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I had my yearly Angelic Blueprint reading done the other day and was reminded that in my chart, I have what is called "The Yes Gate". The positive side of the Yes Gate is it is loaded with Enthusiasm!

However, the shadow side of the Yes Gate is having the tendency to say "Yes" to everything without stopping and recognizing whether or not you are taking on more than you can chew.

So as I settled down and mentally went back over my reading and what was said about my strengths, my gifts, and some cautionary areas to pay attention to; I recognized how I've gotten more aware of not taking on more than I am designed to handle at one time!

I am not one of those people who are able to pile on project after project, never feeling overloaded, and completing all in a timely manner.

I recently (and without much thought) responded "yes" to a friend's request to sit-in on a conference, knowing it could offer me lots of information and benefits. When she followed up with me, I stepped back for a moment and then graciously had to decline to participate this time around, recognizing in myself that tendency to take on more than I can chew only to later find myself "burning out".

So as I think back on this, I realize I was listening to my own common sense. I was avoiding the "shadow side" of the Yes Gate; my own tendency to say "yes" without thinking things through, and how I knew it was not the right time.

I've also learned I can use my Yes Gate to help my clients without me doing all the work for them -- helping them say yes when it's best for them and helping them to recognize when it might be best to wait. I felt really empowered with this information once I affirmed that I have grown out of an old pattern that doesn't really support my well-being.

Where are you saying "Yes" without really recognizing whether or not you are over-extending yourself? We all are Superman & Superwoman in our own right, yet there are times when we take on too much and wear ourselves way too thin! And I can tell you from experience that doesn't fair well for me or anyone around me as I tend to become cranky and resentful, then get upset with myself because I should have said "No!"

Let's say "Yes" to the things we know we can do, and honor ourselves enough to step back and decline a situation when it suits us as well!

Until next time,

Peace & Blue Jeans,

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