Everything was her;
Everywhere seemed she;
Knew not what to do;
But to do and give.

Infatuation it was;
Or so I thought.
"She can't be yours"
Once my friend told;

Tears beaded down;
Cuz truth was it,
Gave up hopes;
And all my dreams;

Pledged to forget her;
But failed to keep up.
"My dear friend
I just can't do it"

Little did I know;
That she would haunt me;
In my dreams and only dreams,
Dream was all it was;

Reality seemed an illusion.
What was I to do;
If she is all I could see.

Over was the infatuation,
Lived in reality;
Knew she wasn't mine;
So why should I try?

Days became weeks;
Weeks became months;
A vague bond was all it was.
Now I know she is not mine;

Still I can give the world for her.
Hoped to receive;
Something in return;
Since I now know;
Even hope don't I arouse!

Intentions then;
Was stained and blurred,
Intentions now;
Is pure and clear.

Knew not what to do;
So let life steer as it would.
Little did she know;
What she had given me-

Courage, fear, determination;
And the way to go.
Thought I was going astray;
Now I hope I don't become right.

Can give the world;
For a smile of hers;
Little does she know.
This wasn't infatuation;

Neither is a vacuum;
Then what is it?
I wish someone told me;
And I hope I knew!

Give it any name;
Won't make any sense;
" I can't see you hurt my friend"
I knew I surely was to be;

In a few more ticks.
But could not do anything;
To stop this rare feeling.
My destiny is written

Hurt, sorrow and broke.
Know I cant avoid it;
At least prepare for it;
Wish she would find out;

And tell me what it is.
All I can do now,
Is hope, give and dream;
Cuz I know-
She is not meant for me.

Copyright © 2000 Musabbir Hussain