I cherish you and I love you more than any possession I have ever had. You are my passion, my inspiration and magic spell to turn the impossible possible. You are my companion when the whole world turns against me. And if I find you more interesting than the miracle of science or technology, that is because you are strange, unpredictable, incredulous. We owe you a lot for your bounty of beautiful thoughts. When nothing is positive you give hope. When nothing seems to support you stand by us, in the darkness of the night, in our mind innermost, speak within us, urge us to strive unachievable, and soon we are out to get it, scarcely being unsuccessful.

What more do you want me to say? Words can hardly express what you mean to me. You are like the perfect sunny day in a cold dark night. You are a dream come true, a wish to Genie! I love you and need you to be there so that I can climb the steepest hill. I have learned from you, it is not the mountain that we stumble on, it is these small stones on our way that hinder our pace and when we have overcome those we have succeed.

Will you believe how ecstatic it feels to have the exact words and the desired moments in the perfect shape from you; to be able to see what we want to and to be able to think what lay hidden inside, you are the complete friend. The satisfaction that you bestow each morning encourages me to move on. Even if it is the fear or warning that you reflect, have not been for anything but caution and experience.

In happiness or in sorrow I want your company, wherever I might be. Even if I forget you I hope you will be there for me. After all, you are the reason I live and do things; otherwise life would be stagnant and hopeless. How else would I express your importance in my life? These are my true feelings and of many others out there too, I am sure. And hence, it is the gratitude that comes your way, all in one and specially.

Copyright © 1999 Jenefar Alam Maha --- United Arab Emirates