To please yourself or others? Is it to be yourself or to be someone you're not? To see your reflection and hate what you see? To think back and regret everything? Is it to make the most friends, to wear the best clothes, to have the most boyfriends?

No, it is to be yourself. It is to see yourself, beautiful forever, in that mirror. It is not how many friends you make but how many friendships you keep; Not about the clothes you wear or where you shop but how you decide it all.

It is to live everyday as your last; to see every person as equal to you, to help every person that you can in even the littlest way possible, to know that you have made a difference by smiling at one and accepting another.

We all see things differently, but if we tried to see things from other points of view it wouldn't hurt us so bad. Try a new thing --- live life your way and do it right.

Autumn P., Age 13 --- Iowa