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The assignment was to get a "pretty photograph" of a flood ravaged river in the middle of winter. After two weeks of hard backpacking down the river in the Texas Hill Country, I had found nothing pretty to photograph. Everywhere I looked was bare and desolate.

On the last morning of my trip I arose before dawn to give the assignment one last go, but felt that my efforts were to be futile. When dawn broke I sat on my camera case and just gave up. While sitting there the clouds broke. The most beautiful sunrise appeared before me. I had found my photograph!

I had given up all hope, but by giving myself one last chance I found victory in my efforts.

"Defeat is only present when we let it be there.
Always give yourself "one last chance."

Copyright © 1989 Michael L. Koonce
--- Sent in with 4 --- Geri Phillips --- Texas

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