Please tell me you love me, for I need to be accepted in your eyes.

Please let me know when I have done well, for I need to know that sometimes I am like other children.

Please share some of your thoughts with me, for my intelligence is not impaired.

Please learn all you can about my problem. I need understanding as well as discipline.

Please bother to correct me and keep me in line as much as necessary. I cannot steer myself.

Give me your patience, because, although it takes me longer, I need to succeed just like all the other children.

Please make time in your day for me. I need to feel that attention and affection are things you want to give. I will not go away if you pretend I am not there.

Remember that I am a complex person with many traits that are right and fine. Please help me to see those things in myself. You are my mirror.

Please do not abuse me; for, although I need a firmer hand than most, I feel lost and alone when I see rejection in your eyes. I have no motive, and all I can do is say, "I am sorry" over and over again.

Please remember that I love you, for you stand beside me day after day in this confusing and frightening world. You are the reason I am not alone.

Author Unknown --- Sent in by Gina Harris