Ten years ago, I used to live in a refugee camp that was considered the worst in the world. I used to share a small tent approximately 6' by 8' with 10 other friends. spent most of my time, waiting for food in line. We ate once a day for the most part; sometimes every other day. The refugee camp sits in the middle of desert with no running water, electricity or indoor plumbing. I believe this is one of the worst places to live.

After three years, I was sponsored by Church World Services to come to the USA. I left my country "Ethiopia" after I was prosecuted, imprisoned and tortured for participating in pro-democratic demonstrations.

Why am I sharing my personal story? It is because too many Americans do not appreciate how fortunate they are. I have many friends that will complain just about everything. Be thankful, for the living in America. I know I am. God bless America.

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