Once upon a time there was a little sweetie named Honey Pie. Honey Pie was a scared lonely painfully shy little beauty. Honey Pie couldn't see the beauty because Mommy and Daddy's eyes showed nothing. They were too busy being angry and scared themselves. Daddy was scary and mean. Mommy was needy and self- involved. Honey Pie's needs were completely dismissed. Honey Pie was always alone inside.

Honey Pie yearned for the love that Mommy and Daddy couldn't give. Honey Pie searched far and wide but only found other people in pain. They took from poor Honey Pie and left Honey Pie with more fear than ever before. Honey Pie begged the Llord, "Why am I here? To be hurt and abused? To be cheated and betrayed?"

God said " Poor Honey Pie, there is one who is waiting for you. Another honey pie that has gone through the same pain as you. You needed to experience this pain so you could understand each other. Honey Pie, I promise if you hold on, your honey pie will come and you will give each other the love you both have been needing for the rest of your lives."

Hold on, here comes your honey pie.

Copyright © 2000 Candice Price

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