Here's a motivational quote I wrote during my transition to civilian employment for all my fellow employees. They were going through rough times at work and I made this into a small poster for them. I worked! It helped inspire others also.

Every day I will wake, look at myself in the mirror and say:

"There is no justice. I may be the victim of many unfortunate circumstances in life of which I have no control over. Regardless, I will not make excuses. I will not whine and complain. I will not feel sorry for myself. No!

Instead, I will find solutions! I will encourage others around me to think more positively. Most importantly, I will reconcile myself to a life of action, the kind of action that will set an example for others to emulate.

I will push myself beyond the limits of what I felt was possible before. I will remember the phrase: 'If I believe I can, or if I believe I can't; I'm probably right!'

I will not be afraid to take the challenge. Because of that, I can.


Copyright © 2000 James P. Findlater
--- Master Sergeant, USMC, Retired