You don't have to be crowned a champion to be one. You don't have to win first place to be a winner. Sometimes winning is coming in fourth, exhausted and encouraged because the last time you came in fifth. Winning isn't everything; it's being the best that you can be. Don't wish to be anything but yourself and try to be that perfectly.

There was a boy named Kim Peck, he was severely handicapped and suffered from brain damage. Kim was running the 50 yard dash in the '68 Special Olympics. He was running in the finals against two other people, they were in wheelchairs, stricken with cerebral palsy. The gun sounded, Kim was 20 yards ahead and 10 yards from the finish line when he looked back to see how the others were doing.

The boy had turned his wheelchair around and was pushing backwards with his feet. The girl had turned her wheelchair around and was stuck against the wall. Kim stopped, went back and pushed the girl across the finish line.

The boy going backwards won the race. The girl came in second. Kim came in last. Or did he? In my eyes Kim is the greatest kind of winner.

When you help someone else win, you often find yourself in the winner's circle too.

Copyright © 1999 Kelly Marshall --- Texas

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