I once dreamed of the clear blue sky
and the heavens way up high.

There were all kinds of animals climbing up trees,
there were mothers and fathers raking old leaves.

There were children all over running and playing.
There were really big churches shouting and praying.

Then all of a sudden the sky turned grey.
I figured it was just a little drizzle on a lovely day.

But no, I was wrong. Everyone was gone.
Everyone was gone except me, where did I go wrong?

After I walked and looked really hard,
I finally realized that this was being done by GOD.

Then I saw people, so I wasn't alone.
So I guess not everyone was gone.

There was lots of chaos and a whole lot of noise.
Suddenly it stopped at the large sound of a voice.

The voice said, "The others have been raptured, and all of you are left,
So I suggest you take my mark or else the choice is death."

Alexandria Q., Age 13 --- Maryland