I am so terribly tired, of trying to enjoy
The things that I used to like, as a little boy
I've lost it seems the ability, to see the sky so blue
Flying kites, riding bikes, and singing a song or two
I am so terribly tired, of searching for the key
That will unlock a world of happiness, especially for me
A world of kids on skates, playing in the sun
The sounds of my big brother laughing, we had so much fun
But today I saw a glimpse, of the sun that once was bright
The sun that shined on me, on those days of flying kites
And I'm not exactly sure, why things changed today
When yesterday seemed so cloudy, lonely and gray
For all I did was something, I used to do years ago
I told God I was tired, turned it all over and let go...

Copyright © 1997 Brian G. Jett --- Kentucky