Who knows the way I take but God alone! 50 people can look at your life, or my life, and in their mind believe they know all the answers, and each will have a different answer, but God says, He alone knows the way that I take, or that you take.

There will always be judges sitting in the grandstands but as a child of God we only have One Judge and He is able to judge according to righteousness and mercy.

He sees all our yesterdays, He sees the moment and He sees all our tomorrows.

Our Father looks at the intent of our heart. So, if and when, you find yourself in the hands of many judges, take heart, don't let their opinion break your spirit, for you have the Holy One of Israel who searches depths no finite mind can comprehend.

Your God, my God, will always and forever bring good out of the bad events or circumstances of our lives. This is when we must trust God and not lean on our own understanding. God is God.

He will never allow His children to suffer without a higher purpose to accomplish. We must never forget this. Our Heavenly Father hears our silent cry! He will never ignore you or pass you by. His timing is always perfect, He will not fail you!!

Copyright 1999 Laura Jan Kirkley --- Texas