Bethlehem slumbered in darkness
Shepherds kept watch on the hill
When from the skies came a message
"Peace on the earth and goodwill"
Angels proclaimed the glad tidings
And we re-echo their word
"Born in the City of David
Is Christ our Saviour and Lord."

Message of hope,
Like the song of the angels
Jesus, Thy love
Is sweet music to me

Wise men brought gifts to the Saviour
Worshipping Christ as their King
Now, with our hearts full of gladness
Our adoration we sing
Praise for the wondrous salvation
He to the contrite imparts
Singing the song of forgiveness
Wonderful love fills our hearts

Message of hope......

Message of hope from the angels
Told on that first Christmas morn
Come to our hearts with fresh meaning -
"Jesus the Saviour is born."
May we be watching and waiting
For His appearing again
As we tell out the glad tidings
"Jesus receives sinful men!"

Message of hope......

Copyright © by Dorothy Bull --- England
--- Contributed by Rose Perry --- Australia

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