One day, while sitting in the warm sunshine, I spotted a caterpillar making his journey from the grass to the concrete of the patio. I sat there and watched him for the longest time.

He seemed to be moving at a steady pace, when suddenly, he stumbled. His back end twisted and turned over, but his front end stayed in place.

Struggling to continue his journey, he managed to straighten out his back end. On he went toward his destination, when shortly after, he stumbled again. Continuing this routine, he finally made it across the patio. A dark shadow covered him as the sun went behind a cloud.

I did not watch him any longer, though he had not finished his journey. I did not know his destination, but he did. Suddenly I realized that his ultimate destination was to get to a place where he would transform into a beautiful butterfly.

I am like the caterpillar, traveling through this life, stumbling along the way and fighting the darkness of sin. Do I know my destination? The answer is yes, and alas, when I get there I will become that beautiful butterfly that God wants me to be!

Copyright© Geri L. Phillips ---Texas