Today, I ask that the TRUTH be revealed to me. TRUTH is eternal. TRUTH is the essence of my soul. TRUTH is my connection to the divine source of all life.

Today, I welcome the presence of TRUTH as the universal intelligence that knows exactly what I must do in every situation, under all circumstances. No matter what appears before me today, I know there is a greater TRUTH grounded in love, power, peace, joy, and wisdom that will guide and protect me.

Today, I invoke the presence of TRUTH as the light that will cast out all thoughts of separation, limitation, and confusion. The light of TRUTH now infuses my mind, reminding me that there is a power and presence of the Divine that is greater than any physical problem.

Today, I speak the TRUTH. I hear the TRUTH. I see the greater, divine TRUTH of every situation I encounter. The TRUTH that is divine, eternal, all-knowing, and ever-present now frees me to live fully, completely, and abundantly. I am grateful for the TRUTH that is now revealed to me this day. And So It Is! -

Iyanla Vanzant --- Maryland