A Gift From Above

My heart is overflowing with joy beyond compare,
I bow my soul before thee in this my grateful prayer.
I thank the blessed father for helping me to be,
The mother of this baby that you have given me.

Thank you for being with me and holding to my hand.
Delivering in mercy we can't quite understand.
A little bit of heaven from your great heart of love.
Your perfect sweet creation come down from heaven above.

The tiny little fingers that hold on to my thumb,
In trusting sweet dependence, have caused my tears to come.
The smile of recognition that comes into her eyes,
Is like a bit of magic and takes me by surprise.

As if she'd always known me, it seems I hear her say,
"I'm glad you are my mother and I am here to stay."
I thank thee, heavenly father for thus fulfilling me.
I pledge my utmost effort to keep this child for thee.

Author Unknown --- Sent in by Ragina Martinez