" Please keep up the good work you are doing. I have been reading the quotes submitted to you for two years and I visit the page every week, its so exciting, encouraging, uplifting, gives confidence and boost one's morale. I have just gone through that."
---Cassandra Zenzo Ncube --- Harare, Zimbabwe

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---Selvaraj Joniadeleen --- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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---Nabeel Alvi --- Karachi, Pakistan

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---Danielle K., Age 15 --- Iowa

" I've only contacted you once before....early enough in your web-venture to be listed on page 2 of your "what they're saying about us" section.

Over and over again, I refer to your site for just the perfect little story, the exact emphasis I'm trying to convey and the precise moment...perhaps the finest teaching tool was modeled for us by Jesus as He used "parables" to communicate with clarity and relevance - your pages give me that tool.

Your site continues to bless me - and I'd like to offer to become your 1st PAID subscriber....should you ever need to charge for access. I have joined other things with far less value. Your site would certainly be "money well spent."

I often refer to your site as the best example of the positive power of technology....when the conventional wisdom believes the computer is making us a nation of isolated introverts....communicating more, but doing it anonymously...your site reminds us - we are in this together, a family of humanity - under a loving God. I'm proud of you - and wanted to tell you so."
---Dan H. --- North Carolina

" I have just re-read some of the messages of appreciation on the 'Motivational Moments' website. Could I perhaps add that I regard 'motivational moments' as being one of the most benevolent, personal and good-spirited sites on the Web, and congratulate you for your work on it? You truly act as an example to us all in what you do."
---Richard Chorley --- Amsterdam

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---Bonnie --- Mississippi

" I've followed the growth of this site over the years and I must say I am well pleased. I applaud the efforts made. I never really write to the folks at sites or submit anything, but I feel comfortable sending my thoughts to you folks. Keep up the good work."
---Edison --- Trinidad and Tobago

" I use to visit your site every day, and made a few submissions back in late 98. My life went through many changes, but I was sitting at my computer tonight, and I thought of all the encouragement I used to find in your site. So, I have found the warm words you share once again. I just wanted to thank you, again, for maintaining this site, and for the smile I have rediscovered."
---Amy Y. --- Texas

" My dear friend sent your web address to me. It is a real help. My present situation I need all the help I can get. Mentally refreshing sites like this are effective in renewing the mind to be able to go on to task. Thank you."

" Its great to be writing you again, to be able to share the light I have to those that may walk in darkness. It's great to be able to send these thoughts in and know that many people that are looking for some encouragement may find it. I pray that these messages may comfort someone that stands in need of comfort. Thank you so much for doing the service of creating and maintaining your great web page."
---Jared M., Age 16 --- Utah

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Moreover, the participation by other fellow people is just unbelievable. It's great to come across such people who by their experience and knowledge are trying to inspire other people in living life to the fullest and thus sharing their genius.

Hats off to the people who are involved with this site. All the best & keep it up."
---Ayushman Saha --- India

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" I just wanted to thank you for posting my work on your great web site. I appreciate it greatly. I am a 25 year old motivational speaker who has a relentless drive to improve the quality of life of my fellow humans. By posting my work I feel you have helped me in my endeavors and for this I am grateful! Have a great day!"
---Steve Maraboli --- New York

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---Thirumittaakode Marath Krishnan --- India

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---Kari L., Age 16 --- California

" What a fantastic site -- could have used these 20 years ago --Thanks for sharing -- Passing it on to grandkids and friends."

" Thank you so much for this site. It was wonderful; Saturday afternoon spent all teary-eyed. It touched me so."

" Thank you for posting my poem, "Family Patchwork," in your April edition of Inspirational Moments. It was a thrill to see it in print. I am very new to writing, but I hope to write more poems or stories. I really like your whole website. Keep up the good work. We need more good thoughts in our lives. There is so much out there that is destructive. Thanks again."
---Marian Spain

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---Gaye Fullerton

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---Breanna, Age 15

" Thank you so much for your fantastic site [rates as a #1]. Just love the many sources to be used to inspire others. I plan to share this site with all my Teacher friends/especially my wonderful daughter/teacher/mom/friend. It will be shared with my associates in our networking business too. Again thank you very much. God bless your continued success in this great work."
---Rafael R. Rodriguez

" I am 15 years old and I have been coming to your site for about three months now. In those three months I have faced many set backs but your site has helped me thru them. Thanks for your time. You're making a big difference in peoples lives thru out the world. Best Wishes, God Bless."
---Nick --- Ohio

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---Name withheld

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---Sabrina --- Ontario, Canada

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---Debra Murphy --- Australia

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---Grateful in Illinois

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---Anastasia B. --- Ohio

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---A grateful reader in Tennessee

" I love your site 'Motivating Moments' It is really true to its name. I look forward to the monthly updates the articles are so touching. I have put up a few good ones on my pin-board in the office for others to read. I have even told my friends to read your site when they feel down and out. Thanks,"
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---Alexandria R., Age 15 --- Illinois

" Amen, sister.. Website is outstanding. I am a professional fire fighter and a division chief of training. I use this site to motivate and instruct my vision of instruction. One can't correct problems of others until others choose to accept help."
Thank you.
---Shawn Grass --- Indiana

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---Jacqui James --- England

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I have a quote for you that I used my very first day on the job.
"Sprinkle smiles along your way"

This was such a huge success, that I have continued. I am going on my 4th month with a quote everyday. Several other departments have also started their own quote of the day. So I know I shall be visiting your site often! Keep up the good work!!!"
---Leigh Ann Spurlin --- Tennessee

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May God Bless you Always!"
---Gie --- Philippines

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---W. Smith

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---Katelyn K., Age 16 --- New Jersey

" It's a pleasure to help out. Believe me, I know the power of reading some good quotes and/or poems. They can really change your perspective, make you want to do things better. Teens don't have the easiest time, you know that. Society has played teens up to be this bad, trouble-making team, which is obviously not true. Although a few may go bad, that doesn't mean that the rest of us will follow in their steps. I think that society should give us more credit than ever at this time. It's not easy to put up with all this craziness and remain sane. If I find anything new and exciting I'll send it to you. Have a great year! "
---Kimberly S. --- Florida

" Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I love your Motivating Moments website. I am a first year high school teacher. Reading the quotes on your website lifted my spirits and made my day a little brighter. Thanks for the site and keep up the good work. As a new teacher, I really appreciate it!"
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---Sheila, Age 18 --- California

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---Maria D., Age 15 --- NSW, Australia

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--- Toni A., Age 17 --- Texas

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---Tom Rodal --- Washington

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" I have been visiting this site for the last many months. I must admit that repeated visits to this site and reading the quotes and stories have marvelously changed my outlook of life as a whole. I am an Orthopedic Surgeon practicing in India. I have indeed been inspired and rendered lot of courage by your service. I request you to continue this good samaritan work forever. Wishing you a very happy and prosperous 2000."
---Dr.R.Sachidanandan --- India


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