" I needed motivation in a real bad way. I was so down because I have skin cancer on my nose that is ugly. I felt I couldn't go on. Your site helped me feel a little better. I may go out tomorrow because I now realize the only thing stopping me is me!"

" First and foremost I would like to thank you for posting this site. I have enjoyed reading and experiencing what your site has to offer. I would also like to thank you for posting my sister's poem "The Gardener". I am her younger brother and she is really inspired by this site. The Lord is great and He has shown her the path. I have prayed long and hard and I keep getting led back to her, so from now on, I will learn from her and live my life for Him and His children. Thank you again."

" This is my favorite page! I get so many inspirational and motivational quotes off of this page. I get some to help my softball and volleyball teams, and when I write letters to my friends. Keep up the good work!"
Kristen R., Age 17 --- Ohio

" I'm sure you here it all the time, but I had to email you myself to tell you what a wonderful site this is. I just found it a couple of days ago and I can't stay away from it. I email quotes from it to my friends and family and they enjoy them immensely. Thank you, it truly is my absolute favorite site."

" I coach a 16 year old girls volleyball team and I was looking for motivational quotes to inspire them to work harder and become better players. I found your site because of this and I feel that there is great power in words, especially ones that have meaning behind them. I really enjoyed many of the quotes and sayings on this site and I definitely will be visiting again."
A.J. Kramer --- Ohio

" I like this site very much."
Nguyen Anh --- Vietnam

" I would once again like to thank you for posting my quotes and others so that people may be inspired by them and be able to enjoy the thoughts that others may have towards life. Thank you for your time and help. I enjoy reading the quotes you have posted. Some of them have helped me recently think through my own life."
Peter Barrett --- New York

" I'm a 16 year old girl, and I've just spend an hour reading your webpage. Before I found it, I was suicidal - I had planned to commit suicide tomorrow when my family went to visit my grandparents. Then I found your motivating quotes for teens and you have really saved my life. I've added the link to my favorites so I'll know where to turn next time I feel this way. I just wanted to say thank you."

" Just a note to say.. you guys are doing a great job. You may not earn the big $$ but sure you are doing your part to shape society to what it has long lost to reality. Keep up the good work."
H. Senthil

" Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful website! I intend to visit often...wish I had known about it sooner."
Barbara E. --- New York

" I visit your site all of the time. It is my favorite thing to do when I'm online. I think it is great!"
Mallory I., Age 15 --- Ohio

" THE ARIZONA REPUBLIC, Sunday, March 11, 2001, had a wonderful page connected with the comics about kite flying. At the bottom of that page, I found YOUR site. It certainly looked inviting.

I am recommending the site to all my family members and friends. There are several in my family who are teachers and in other professions. Today I just touched a few of the sections of your site; I will search for more as time goes on. I am a former business teacher and have always been interested in inspirational pieces to help those whom I love.

Thanks, Marlene, for providing this great, great site."
Vickie Eade Eddy --- Arizona

" Keep up the great work...you are a true comfort to thousands, if not millions of people! I am among those people!"
Larry Josephs --- Minnesota

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Nazima --- India

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Hanoch McCarty, Ed.D

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Stephen Simons

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Jasmeet Singh --- India

" As you know, thoughts of a person are based on his/her personal experiences and are a reflection of a person's outlook towards life. It's imperative that one learns from other people's experiences. As the life of a person is of small duration, one can't learn only from his/her personal experiences, one has to learn from other people experiences. I feel motivateus.com is doing a great job in helping people to share their thoughts and in turn help each other grow and learn more about life. I will continue sending my quotes and also I have asked my friends to visit your site and submit their quotes."
Amber Patil --- 22, India

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Nicole M. Lavor

" My son (who is twelve) heard about your website address, wrote it down and carried it around in his binder (must have been weeks) until last night he suddenly ran into his room and got it. I have always loved quotes! Those succinct bits of knowledge have given me so much over the years. I've got a chalkboard in the garage for one of us to write a quote that's inspired us recently or just made us laugh. Thank you for doing this! I love it and I know I will get lots of enjoyment, wisdom and joy from it."
Kelly T.

" I love this site. I have it bookmarked and everyday, maybe 2 or 3 times in a day, I will read some of the quotes. They inspire me and move me. I send them to all my friends. They also love them. Thanks again for this beautiful web site."
Dee --- Arkansas

" I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your site! I am teacher and coach and always searching for new motivational material for my kids."
Mike McCabe

" Your page is where I find myself everyday. I print the pages and keep them for when I need a little extra motivation and inspiration. Your website is wonderful!"
Sharon R., Age 16 --- Florida

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Autumn Williams

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K.S., Age 18 --- Tennessee

" I really like your web pages. I'm a cheerleading coach and I love telling the girls inspirational quotes."
Penny --- Michigan

" I have been reading the Motivating Moments pages since it began (well, shortly after it began, sometime in late 1997, early 1998).Your site has helped me through some very hard times over the past few years, and helped me to keep a positive attitude, and pass it on to others."
Shannon M.

" I just wanted to thank you for sharing your website with me last week. I have enjoyed looking through the pages. This morning, I received word that a friend's mother had passed away yesterday and I recalled one of the poems on your site and shared it with him Thank you for providing such a wonderful resource for people! I have mentioned your site to the other Fire Chaplains as well."
Tim Mautz --- Michigan

" What a great site! I came across it searching for quotations about daughters. I must bookmark this site."
Lee --- California

" I love this page; it keeps me motivated day after day :o)"
Sharon R., Age 16 --- Florida

" Thanks for a great site, has helped me in many ways."
Daniel Spendrup --- Halmstad, Sweden

" You made my morning! I just have to tell that the world works in mysterious ways. A couple of years ago my mother died and when we were cleaning up her things we founds a note from one of her friends and attached to the note was the "Mothers Parable". It touched our lives like you can not believe. We read it at her funeral and have passed it on to numerous friends who have experienced the loss of their Mother. Unfortunately in the past few months I have had a couple of friends who have lost their Mother and today I went in search of the Parable. I looked in my files, I looked on my computer, I called my sisters and it was no where to be found.

I was getting really sad because I couldn't believe I had lost track of such a wonderful piece. So, as one last resort I clicked on Netscape and plugged in "A Mothers Parable" of course thinking the whole time that it would never come up in the search. But low and behold there it is staring me in the face....I am moved with emotion right now. I truly believe that my Mother is up in heaven orchestrating this little moment.

I am a mother now and the impact of this parable is ten fold now. Thank you for posting this wonderful piece on the internet. Best Wishes,"
Jaime D.

" I really like your website - always a motivator. I cut/paste your quotes to another page, and then take them to work, and post them in my cubicle for all to see. I am a supervisor in a multi-functional, diverse call center in the Midwest. I can only hope that the quotes I post up are as motivating to others as they are to me. Thanks!!!!"

" I somehow found your site. My, how the tears have fallen. It's wonderful, can't wait to read everything and pass it on to others. My husband has Alzheimer's, late stage. I visit the e-groups and enjoy them. Your site gives me so much to think about. No one is with out pain and grief. Again, I'm so glad I have your site. God Bless and keep you safe."

" I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website. As an owner of a business, I go to your website almost everyday to send out emails to my staff regarding motivation. Keep up the great work!"
Richard Wright

" Your website has really grown big since I submitted my quote in 1999 and I am quite happy to find this. I wish this site to become one of the most liked sites on the Net."

" Keep up the great work. I love your site."
N.S., Age 18 --- Pennsylvania

" I wanted to let you know that as my high school years are coming to an end and my life a new beginning, your Motivational Moments have helped me a lot in talks that I do at church retreats and also with our class motto. I submitted a quote a good while back and I love to come to this site just to see and read some more quotes that my peers have sent to you. Thank You!! My mom introduced me, and my siblings to this site and WE LOVE IT!!! I plan to keep checking back to your website in the future."
Thanks Again and May God Bless You,
Brandy, Amy and Trey Hammons

" Your page has been the best page I have found on the web. God bless you. I know that you have blessed many readers."
Richie B., Age 18 --- West Virginia

" I love your site, it always gives me a lot to think about!"
Heather Wyman --- New Jersey

" I would just like to say that the quotes that you have provided have helped me by putting the thoughts from my head into words."
Kasey O., Age 15 --- Victoria, Australia

" I lost someone who used to be my best-friend today. She committed suicide. I don't know how to deal with it anymore. I lost my uncle two years ago to suicide. This site has been very helpful. Life is so short and I hope people can enjoy and embrace it to it's fullest."
Erin C., Age 16 --- Nebraska

" I just wanted to tell you I really enjoy your site. It gives me something to think about everyday. I will definitely recommend it to my friends who need that encouraging thought for the day."
Lori D.

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Juan S.

" I just wanted to thank my sister for writing that poem "The Locked Box". It has been an inspiration to many and I am very proud of her and her accomplishments. Gina has been a great inspiration to me my whole life and for that I could never thank her enough! And I thank you for publishing this beautiful poem for it will give MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION to everyone who reads it. Gina, I love you!"
Kimberly B.

" I really like this site. I come to it for everything, such as inspiration and helpful quotes! It is great!"
Nicole T., Age 15 --- Maine

" Love the website... I visit it constantly just for a pick-me-up. It never ceases to give me hope and inspiration to keep going, even when things get hard!"
Megan S., Age 15 --- Maryland

" Thank you all for the time you are putting into publishing all of our quotes. God knows that we as teens need all the inspiration we can get!"
Brandon K., Age 17 --- Indiana

" Congratulations on providing such a wonderful site. In today's stressful world that is growing more competitive each day, it is imperative to have one's motivational level high- and I think your site is one such good medium to do exactly the same."
Sumit Gupta

" I've alerted family/friends to your site...not only to read my story, "A Lesson In Humility" - but also so they can scan through the many, many inspirational quotes, poems, etc. Thanks - once again, for proving the internet can be a powerful resource for gentle strength."
Mary Ann Herman --- Texas

" The world would have no meaning without people like you who helps to create this website for the sake of inspiring other people to have hope, passion, faith and encouragement to face the world with the right kind of mind!!! May God bless all the people involved in motivateus.com for making this inspiring website came true."
Daniel & Tan --- Malaysia

" I am a registered nurse in a correctional facility for teen-age girls who are in a rehabilitative program to regain entry into their community. Every week I conduct a group session with them and give them motivational and inspirational saying, poems and stories, most of which I get from your site!!

It has become their favorite group session and they actually look forward to it every week, which is very unusual for them. I have also encouraged them to put their thoughts and feeling down on paper using a poetic format to make it easier.

They have blossomed before my eyes with their talents and they have gotten a tremendous feeling of self-satisfaction and accomplishment that many of them have never before felt. They love to share their compositions with each other and I am so proud of them. Thank you for providing me with an avenue with which to help these young troubled girls gain some insight and comfort of knowing that they are not alone in their struggle to find themselves."
R.A., R.N.

" Just wanted to send you a "thank you" for your wonderful Motivating Moments site. I like to send out a quote of the day to my department, and your site has really been a great source of inspirational philosophy. Thanks and keep up the great work!"
Terry M.

" This site is very inspiring. Letting people put in their quotes or stories, is an excellent idea. It lets those people feel that every time some one reads their story or quote, they brighten another person's day! My day has been brightened by reading such wonderful stories and quotes! Thank you!!"
Puanani M., Age 15 --- Indiana

" Your site has helped me through a lot of ups and downs.
Forever grateful,"
Nanci A.

" I would just like to tell you that this website is a very good thing. Most days I don't know who I am or where I'm going, when I read this I feel as if I actually have some sense of direction and can make it through the night. I've had the kind of childhood and life that people wouldn't wish upon their worst enemy and I'm still here, banged up and bruised, but still here. This website gives me hope and says to me that life may never get easier but it will get better as we begin to make more intelligent choices and see the world through new eyes. This website helped me realize that I have to accept and let go the things that happened in the past and the things I cannot change. It has always given me a quick pick me up and good advice. Everyday I lie in bed and try to come up with a reason to get up, a reason that life is worth living; on the late nights that I'm up spending a couple hours reading these stories/quotations I rest easier and always have a good reason to get out of bed in the morning, I'm happy to be me. Again thanks for the website, it's touching more people's lives than you know and if nothing else has saved me when I was on the brink of taking the coward's way out, suicide."

" I love this site, it's everything I've been looking for as far as quotes go!"
Brittany A., Age 15 --- Texas

" I read the new quotes just about every day. I love it. It's so much fun to just go down a whole list of inspirational quotes. I found this site while doing a school project. I was picked to do this brochure for the other students about gossip, rumors, and disrespect. When I first found this web site I read a couple of quotes and then I wanted to read more and more but I didn't have the time to then. So I wrote down the name of the site and went on the net that night when I was home. I stayed up a long time that night reading quotes. I would laugh then cry. I even printed some out and hung them in my locker the next day. I love your web site and think that it is a great idea. Everyone should check it out once in a while."
Andrea F., Age 12 --- Florida

" I hope this email gets in the correct hands. I am writing to who ever originated this web site. It's is wonderful. I spend hours upon hours reading and rereading all the quotes and stories. I try to connect each and everyone of them to my life. I am a college student studying to be a special education teacher. I will be graduating in May 2001. These quotes bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. They make me want to get out there today and start teaching. I am counting down the days until I can have my own classroom, my own bunch of kids. I am counting the days until I am a teacher, a teacher who can and will make a difference. If I can make a difference in the eyes of one student, then I feel I will be successful. Thank you for sharing your web page with those of us who are dreamers. We appreciate it."

" I would like to express my thanks for including my tribute to my daughter, Amy, in your web site. It really means more to me than you can possibly know. Although she has been physically gone from my life for more than two years she will always be a part of my heart. The fact that you showed my love for her means so very much to me. Again, thank you for your compassion."
Cindee Walden

" Thank you so much! I am honored that my writing will be featured on your website. I love your website, it's really encouraged me, as I'm sure it has for other people. You've touched so many people's lives. Keep up the good work! Thank you again!"
Kristen K.

" Wonderful site! All the quotes really bring a smile to my face."
Megan S., Age 15 --- Maryland

" I would just like you to know that I love this page. There is so much junk out on this internet and it is so nice to see something positive! Keep up the good work!"
Abbie Wiesehan --- Missouri

" You have a fabulous site. I'm a teacher and a coach and use quotes and sayings constantly. Your site has really added to my library of motivational works."
Scott Close

" Thank you for taking the time to set up such an inspirational space."
Pippa Markham --- Sydney, Australia

" My friend had been going through a horrible time with her boyfriend, parents, and teachers, Whatever she did was not good enough for any of them. One day I could tell that her normal everyday, happy-go-lucky personality was not there anymore. She looked like any second she could break into tears. My friend that was once so strong was now about to have a nervous breakdown.

I came home and did some thinking on what I could do to possibly relieve some of the stress building up in her life. I logged on to your page and found some perfect quotes for her situation. I put a book of quotes together for her and gave them to her the following day. That day she was the happiest I had seen her in weeks. I wanted to thank you for everything you've done for her and for me . Because of your web page, you have touched both of our lives as you have the lives of many others. Thank you for everything you have done!"
Name withheld upon request

" Wonderful website...I love it and come here almost everyday! It's really helpful!"
Megan S., Age 15 --- Maryland

" I do not remember how I found this website. Ever since I have though, it has been a daily habit for me to get onto the computer looking for something different. I really enjoy the websites that you have so kindly put together. Sometimes it helps me through difficult times thinking that it was put there directly to me. Thank you for having such an excellent site and keep up the good work."
Tonya H. --- Florida

" Thank you for your consideration of my material. I LOVE your website. Wonderful! Inspirational! My kudos to the designer(s)."
Mary Ann --- Texas

" This site is very inspiring. Letting people put in their quotes or stories, is an excellent idea. It lets those people feel that every time someone reads their story or quote, they brighten another person's day! My day has been brightened by reading such wonderful stories and quotes! Thank you!!"
Puanani M., Age 15 --- Indiana

" I think that this site is awesome. It has helped our volleyball team a lot. THANKS for your hard work!!"
S.H., Age 16 --- Texas

" I was feeling down today. Things have been a bit hard lately and I was disappointed with myself. I typed 'cheer me up please!!!' into Yahoo, and so found this site, which I have been perusing now for about 2 hours. It gave me inspiration, and with a lighter heart I was able to write my new years resolutions. Well, 'Aim High' they say!! When I had finished I felt they were too good to keep to myself so here they are!"
R. David --- United Kingdom

" I truly love this page. Whenever I need help or inspiration this is where I turn to. Thank you so much!"
Amanda F., Age 14 --- Ohio

" This web page has given me a great strength that I once thought was never there. Thank you for my waking it; feels good to out again!"
Cassie P., Age 14 -- New Hampshire

" You have an amazing website here! I just happen to surf in and landed in your great motivational site! I really had a wonderful time and surely I'll be dropping by again, promise! Keep up the good work and wishing you a more blissful and successful life !"
Believing in you,
Rosanna Biermann ---Germany

" I have just recently purchased a computer. I found your site and just wanted you to know I love it."
Vicki Fields

" Your pages on grief are incredible. I've lost both brothers and my father. I seldom find sibling loss mentioned. Thank you for sharing."

" I think this sight is what most teenagers need to help them in their struggle to find themselves. I'm unaware of promotional costs but I feel it would be wise to spread the word about this site."
Natasha C., Age 17 --- Victoria, Australia

" I think that this site is awesome. It has helped our volleyball team a lot. THANKS for your hard work!!."
S.H., Age 16 --- Texas

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Sampath Sundaresan --- Bangalore, India

" Thanks, thanks, thanks! These stories, poems and quotes really pick someone up on a bad day."
Anna R., Age 15 --- QLD, Australia

" I have been reading motivating moments since I have found it in 1998 almost every day. Keep up the good work. I have passed the news to most of my friends also. Most of them go to your site almost every day just like me. Keep up good work. Thank you again for helping so many people."
Yusuf Tura --- Washington

" I wanted to take the time to thank you for the "wonderful" web site that you have created. I personally am sick of some of the garbage that I receive that is unsolicited. So I want you to know that I have fought back and have sent your website link to everyone on my mailing list. I also have spent many hours of time just having fun and picking out my favorites. I then use one of them at the bottom of every e-mail I send out. Thanks again, you are wonderful!"
Leon Grobaski

" What a wonderful site! I sent it to 10 of my closest friends and family."
Pamela Y. --- Michigan

" This is the page that I have been looking for! It has been my guidance in life! keep up the good work! Never, never close this website....it will upset most of us!"
Daniel Tan --- Malaysia

" I just wanted to say thanks! I needed a quote for my yearbook! I didn't have a favorite one, and now because of your website, I can't chose my favorite! Not only did I find some great sayings, but I think I'll look at things a little differently!"
Anonymous Teen

" I like this website. It allows teens the opportunity to find encouragement from people like them that are their age."
P.F., Age 14 --- Tennessee

" I love this site. When ever I'm feeling down or lonely I just log on to this site and it lifts my hopes up. Keep up the good work!"
Amber E., Age 14

" Thank you for this site. I spend sometimes hours here! It's very helpful in my daily life, now I always have good thoughts filling my mind, before I catch upon the daily news, which can be depressing."
Kelle Saulness --- Washington

" Thanks for putting up the quotes page. It was a real eye opener - or me at least."
Kirsten Steinbach

" I am a 14 year girl and I thought the poem titled "Flying With Broken Wings" was wonderful. That is the way I feel sometimes but from now on when I feel like that I will just think of that poem and remember anyone can do anything. Thanks for putting up that poem and the other great things on the site, they are all very motivational."

" Lucky to have found this site. It is a virtual treasure chest of sayings, poems and quotes. Keep up the good work."
Tom Fenning --- Pennsylvania

" I love coming to your site, it brings me heart felt happiness to read all the wonderful work sent to you from so many wonderful people from across the world. I would also like to thank you so much for putting one of my previous works on your site, my place of living has changed a bit now though, I am currently in Holland no longer Canada. Keep up all the wonderful work, you have touched my heart and I thank you so much."
Rhonda Leigh

" I would also like to thank you personally for making your web page! It has giving me a new found strength that I never thought was there. Thank you for my waking, it feels good to be out again! I hope that other girls have found this page so meaning full and that these words speak to them as they did to me."

" I love and enjoy this web site. It is very encouraging and uplifting. I visit it several times a week. You just don't know how much the quotes and sayings really mean to me."
Angel F. --- Pennsylvania

" May the Lord bless you . Everybody in this world is in need of a site like this one. Greetings from Yugoslavia."
Jaser Badawi

" Thank you so much for your great site. Although I have only been looking through it for a couple of days, I already feel better about my life and my situation. Thanks Again!"

" I want to say thank you so much for having a site that is so motivational and inspirational as this one. I have had a lot of downs in the past year and I found this site and things have gone WAY up hill. It has taught me to keep going when times are tough and there are people who care. Thank you so much for touching my life."
Bre Coffey

" Thank you so much for such a beautiful site. I've had a very painful year, losing my twin daughters and my grandpa within 6 months of each other, and I find much comfort from reading such inspirational stories. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into something so wonderful for all of us."
Corinn A. --- California

" Just wanted to let you know that I randomly found your site from the yahoo search engine and I have truly enjoyed the work that you have done to put all of these quotes together."
Rad Zamani --- Georgia

" I have been visiting motivateus.com regularly and I must say that I have indeed benefited a lot from all the lovely stuff you have posted there. I am a Senior Human Resources Manager with a large Bank in India and I have commenced the initiative of "HRD HUMMINGS" which involved placing poignant quotes at various locations in our organization. Your site has been a real help !! Keep it going ! Ciao and regards,"

" Your website is outstanding. A place where top producers and true champions start their day. Make it a great day,"
Richard Cruse --- Arizona

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DJ T--- Gauteng, South Africa

" Thank you so much for such a beautiful site. I've had a very painful year, losing my twin daughters and my grandpa within 6 months of each other, and I find much comfort from reading such inspirational stories. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into something so wonderful for all of us."
Corinn Argo --- California

" I am a fourth grade teacher looking everywhere I can for quotes and new exciting information for my classroom. Your website has simplified my life and enhanced the lives of 34 nine year olds. They are truly amazed at what I present to them daily and thank me immensely for the motivational quotes that define who they are or want to be. I am astonished by the wisdom and learning that is happening in my classroom! Thank you. I have shared your site with many of my colleagues, they feel the same way. We appreciate your efforts immensely!"
Daryl Wallace --- California

" Thank you so very much for allowing me to share your web site. I stumbled on it one night and it brought a lot of comfort to me. I recently lost my daddy and even though I am 41 years old, I feel like a lost little girl without him. So many of the pages, poems, and quotes have helped me through some dark days. God bless you for your work. I know you must have so many emails to go through, but I just wanted you to know how much your site has meant to me."

" Thanks so much for maintaining the motivational web site. I find it truly inspiring. It is so refreshing to have something like this on the internet. I refer to the site daily for a motivational thought to get me through the day."
Reese Jensen

" Great Site! It's wonderful to see some positive forces at work through a medium that has seen more than its share of negatives. Keep at it and have fun!"
Jeremey Davis --- South Carolina

" I really enjoy your site, it is indeed very inspirational & uplifting. A Thank You from me to you!"
Rhonda Hittinger

" I want to say thanks for the site, it is super. My 12 day old son passed away on March 28, 2000 and I have found some helpful stories, poems, and quotes here. Thank you. May god bless you."

" I absolutely adore your website. I recommend it to everyone I talk to. However, I haven't visited it in sometime. I'm glad to see that it is continuing to grow. I think it really helps a lot of people. About a year and a half ago, I had the biggest depression of my life, and your website helped me through it. Thank you for all the positive attitudes you have shared with so many people. I hope you know that you are making a big difference in the world."
Jonathan B., Age 18 --- Pennsylvania

" I think this whole entire website is ace! It's a great place to go when your feeling down, upset and lonely. To know that there's others in the world who have gone through or are going through the same things as you are. I find it motivating and moving. Keep it up! "
Laura Broussard

" I love your website! It gives hopes and thoughts to people everywhere that usually don't have the power to dream and take that big step that changes their life. I have just started to go to your website and it has already changed MY life! "
Jenna-Lynn, Age 13 --- New Jersey