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--- Ricky L. Overmyer --- Ohio

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--- Mary McEachron --- Texas

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Found your site today. I am going through a separation and was searching for some motivational quotes to motivate myself to look at the "Circle of Life" from a different perspective. And your site, has all that I need and want. I saw beautiful quotes and poems, that means a lot to me. Have also distributed some of the quotes to my colleagues here. In summary, all I want to say is, Thank you very much for having this site and great job keeping it up to-date. I will definitely come back for more.... Cheers,"
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--- Bobbi Brandt --- Minnesota

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Your collection of motivational and inspirational quotes really helped me put things in perspective and cheered me up tremendously. I am very glad you had it out there and I found it.

Keep up the great work on your web site and, if I come up with or find any good quotes, I'll be sure to send them to you.

Thanks again and may the worse day your have in the future be no worse than your best day of the past."
--- Ron Bechtlofft

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Great work! I tell my friends that this is my favorite web site and have referred them to it. Thanks for adding my story 'Answered Prayer' to your new section. Just wanted to say thanks and to let you know that it's nice to know you, even if it is through email! Keep it up!"
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You are a truly wonderful and blessed person! Know that you are in my prayers as well as the prayers of many around the world, I'm sure!!"
Take Care and God Bless!!!!
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Quotations have been such a powerful force in my life that I started my personal collection. Occasionally, I would like to share some of these with you and your audience.
Have a great day, and keep on motivating and inspiring us!"
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Thank you very much for a very enjoyable site."
--- Dave Holicky --- Virginia

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Musically Yours,
--- Terry Burton - Indiana

Hi Marlene,
" I wanted to write and thank you for the page about grieving. It couldn't have come at a more opportune time. Two weeks ago my dad passed away unexpectedly. He was healthy 44 year old man who meant the world to me. I feel an emptiness inside me that I never thought was possible. I came on last week to read the new quotes like I always do, and discovered the new page. I never cried so hard in my life as I sat here and read through them.. It helps a little to be able to read things that comfort your heart in a time of pain. I just wanted you to know that it helps."
--- Jennifer

Dear Marlene,
" My friend found your web page a couple of weeks ago and told us all about it. Your page is definitely the best I've ever seen and the quotes really give us a lot to think about. My friends and I are crazy about quotes and send them to each other all the time. Thank you so much for spreading the words of wisdom!!!"
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Hugs and many smiles
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" I just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think your website is. I found it in my first semester of college and it has been on my favorite list ever since. I especially appreciate the grief page. This past November my father past away and it is a great comfort to have. In my opinion, you have created one of the best websites on the Internet."
God Bless,

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Gratefully Yours,
--- Joseph M. Rebecky

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Thank you again,
--- Amy Adkins

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--- Maegen Mac --- Michigan

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--- Aleksandra Blaszczyk --- Canada

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" I checked out your site today and i just wanted to say thank you so much!! :-) I am 16 years old and I lost my best friend since third grade last year to a car accident. It was hard, but now everybody is handling the loss better. I loved your grieving and losing a loved one section. That is a perfect place for me and my friends on the comp to turn to when we need a little bit of help along the rocky road of life and loss. I even printed your page out to give to my friends grieving parents. I owe you one and I know in my heart they appreciate it too! Thanks again! :-)"
--- Maggie Ward

" This is a beautiful site. There is so many kind of sites out there that deal with corruption. It's nice to know there is something so inspirational to read when you're down."
--- Sarah V., Age 18 --- California

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I can truly say that the power spurring you on to form this site and continue the good work is very strong, for the response is fantastic. Your prompt replies make a world of a difference and make people like me want to keep writing in.

Bye for now and thanks again. Wishing you a Blessed Christmas and a Wonderful New Year '99"
--- Sharon

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--- Curtis Woods II


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