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I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation! I think this web site rocks! Whenever I feel down or even when I'm in a sappy kind of mood these pages just really uplift me. They help me to persevere in my life's mission right now. Thank you,"
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On behalf of the 91,480 visitors since Oct. '97 - let me formally say
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In life, as in computers....the value only happens when we 'connect'."
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" An Update:
Congratulations! You are now in my top 10 of what I want my students to read! They are required to read these books for two reasons:
1.) They have a really good meaning to all students, and
2.) Dear Abby suggested it a number of years ago.

  • Number 10: Books from Dr. Seuss.
    They include: 'Green Eggs and Ham',
    'Oh, The Places You'll Go'
    'Oh, The Things You'll Think'
    (had to combine three to let you in).
  • Number 9: The Farmer's Almanac.
  • Number 8: The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein
  • Number 7: William Bennett's Book Of Virtue
  • Number 6: Any Book In The Foxfire Series
  • Number 5: any book By Leo Buscaglia
  • Number 4: Is now Motivating Moments
  • Number 3: Dr. Laura Schlessinger's - Now Go Take On The Day
  • Number 2: any of Life's Little Instruction Books
  • Number 1 Books are the Chicken Soup Books.

The Students and Parents are starting to read your Web Pages. All the students look forward to the new sayings on Monday. "
--- Charles Nelson, West Florence High School --- South Carolina

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Your Friend and fan,"
--- Richard K., Age 13 --- South Carolina

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---Jamie W., Age 16 --- Kentucky

" As a teacher of Psychology and Sociology at West Florence High School in Florence, SC, my students have to bring in motivational sayings each day. These are posted and kept in their student notebook and at the end of the quarter they select the five best sayings. They have encouraged me to submit some of the better ones they bring. Hopefully, you will be able to use some of these. Thanks for your great web page."
---Charles Nelson --- West Florence High School, Florence,SC

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--- Dorrette Hogan --- California

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--- Arthur Prevost --- TCU Basketball Coach


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