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--- Kelly Campbell --- California

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--- Leanne

" Today I was scrolling along and found this wonderful page of letters. I started to cry. I wanted to find some ideas on writing a letter to a best friend that went to college who is coming back for Christmas I am here for all who has ever been hurt or in need of a friend. I am 17 years old, getting ready to go to college. I was diagnosed with Depression a little over a year tomorrow, and it's been hard. My life has changed dramatically. I lost my father in a head on car collision on April 5th 2001. After that, I just failed and went down hill. I have tried to kill my self many times and I almost drank myself to death. (I had a half a bottle of Whiskey straight and 6 or 8 shots of Bacardi) My life has been a roller coaster. I just love to read the stories of others who have had bad things happen in their life and survived. I think that this page is an inspiration to me and I will advise my friends and family to check out this wonderful site. Thanks for your time. Have a wonderful Christmas."
--- Amy W. --- Minnesota

" I want to thank you for all your hard work in maintaining your site. I check it each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If I find quotes that will be of help to my daughter Kim who has a heart condition I save them to a Word Document. At the end of the week I print it off and give it to her as source of encouragement."
--- Bob Holbrook --- California

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It's only you who make me so confident and now I am happy to have the forum where I can share my dreams and give my contribution. Although it is a drop in the ocean, it's my pleasure to do any thing under my capacity for you.

Once again, my all good wishes for you."
--- Aysha Iftikhar --- Pakistan

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--- Saif

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--- Deanna

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--- James Gale --- Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

" During a trying time in my life I have received much comfort from the comments and the input of your readers and I would like to submit a bit of wisdom of my own. It results from my life experiences thus far. Please continue what you're doing, your website is a godsend."
--- Gitta Rives --- Stuttgart, Germany

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--- Brianna B., Age 14 --- Ontario, Canada

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Many have helped me with their contributions to your site. I sometimes feel that I am lost and their words help me to find my way back. Thank you all who have contributed such wonderful poems, quotes, etc. I feel I am in good company and sometimes outclassed by such wonderful poetic hearts. Keep up the good works!"
--- Carol Bouche Ottlinger ( Song Of Joy ) --- Michigan

" I am in the United States Marines and this site often helps me with a little something to think about. Thank you."
--- Nathaniel Collier --- North Carolina

" My name is John. Even though I haven't really lost someone, I almost did; ME. After a really bad fight with my wife, I felt like I had nothing left in the world and wanted to end it all. I logged on to the internet, and this website was the first to pop-up.

After reading several pages of inspirational passages, it gave me the strength to go on. Because when people die, their pain stops and the living go on suffering. So to all the people who submitted entries, I say thank you. May god bless you all and your loved ones."
--- John P. --- Nevada

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--- Leti G.

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--- Sheetal Singh --- Bombay, India

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You guys are doing a GREAT job! I look forward to contributing more in the future."
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" I just wish to say that this is a good cause to get people to think positive. I used to live by the cease the day attitude but that isn't realistic. I read quotes like these a lot especially in college.

Quotes were sometimes a quick fix but not sustaining. I was so ambitious and taken with ideas of pushing myself I forgot to live. Now that I'm older and wiser I don't need that fix or the need to do the impossible.

Pushing too hard is very unhealthy. A good way to live is do what you can and let God take care of the rest. I pray a lot and this helps me through difficulties in life. Truth is we are human and we can only do so much. Unhealthy ambition can kill I have been there myself.

Young people and workaholics need to learn quotes that sooth and relax their need for success or what they perceive to be success. To me, liking my job and getting satisfaction out of it is success, unlike the messages of society, school, and media that money is the only success. I used to believe that when I was younger and it almost killed me."
--- Wishing to remain anonymous

" Your site is great - what a great collection. I am with a Booster Club for a minor league hockey team - about a month ago, our favorite team went into a tailspin, lost 5 in a row, lots of injuries, etc. Well - the team had a shakeup, traded the team captain and fired the coach. About this same time, the Booster Club (actually me) decided maybe we could help get things back on track - so we started putting up banners on the way to the ice, each week.

Who ever knew that they would be noticed? They've been commented upon in the local paper, in a national hockey (on line) magazine, etc. Well, where do you think I've gone for our ideas for content on the banners? Right - your site. Excellent source for inspiration.

What's making this so much fun, is that outside of about 5 people, no one really knows who's responsible for the banners each week. Well, we'll keep it quiet for now, and continue putting up a banner each week, until we get knocked out of the playoffs."
--- Thanks for helping out our team - From Texas

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"The memories and heartaches are what makes a person stronger and they gives us the courage to move on."
--- Written by Katherine H. --- Arkansas

This will help me a lot... Thanks."
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--- Kim

" I've been logging on and off your site for a few years now and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the material that is there. My most favorite of all is the story of Jerry and I have adopted his saying so when people ask me how I am I tell them 'If I was any better there would be two of me'. I really appreciate the time and effort you have taken to share your heart with so many and follow your dream, you are an inspiration :-)"
--- Scott

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--- Diana and Stephen L. --- South Australia

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--- James M. --- South Dakota

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--- Holly Miller

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--- C.C., Age 12 --- Ontario, Canada

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Well the reason I'm sending this email, is mainly to thank you for bringing sunshine into the lives of so many people and above all it's so nice to see that there are still some people who care in this world of misery, war and pain.While reading some of your stories I feel like I'm staring at the mirror and I'm sure if I had found this page earlier I would have corrected a few wrongs in my life. But anyway I still have time to change and I'm going to be positive.

Well, I'm an Economics & Business Studies teacher at secondary level ( here we have the British system) and I should say that I've fallen in love with the Teachers' corner in your site which is WONDERFUL. I was moved by reading some comments sent by pupils regarding their teachers and it gives me more courage to work harder to help my pupils.

Once more I take this opportunity to congratulate and also thank you for having such a site. I will make it a duty to make my friends and pupils visit your site and I hope that you will keep up the good work."
--- Rajnish B. --- Mauritius

" A friend sent me to your web site, and I dropped in there for the first time today. I can tell you, it won't be the last! You must be a very special person to have gotten the inspiration to start this and keep it going on the web, and to help so many people by your motivational and positive material. Congratulations, and keep on keeping on!! I shall send you a few quotes or other material when I next drop in. Many thanks!! The world needs more people like you!"
--- Asoki --- Brisbane, Australia

" I don't think I ever told you how I found your website. I have clinical depression and was wading through a dark time, waiting for an appointment with a doctor that could help. I was searching for some "inspiration" to get me through the day. Amazing what you can find with a search engine on the internet. Your website was one of the first to appear and warmed a cold spot in my heart. I made it through that day and every day thereafter until I got to the doctor and on medication. Between your website, medication, dear family and friends, I am whole again. I thank you for my life, for every day since I found your website and for all the days to come.

You, and all the contributors, have created a wonderful place! I have shared it with those who mean the most and least to me, as it has God's gift to touch us all."
--- Karen

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--- Angie Williams --- Ohio

" Marlene, Your site is instrumental in my business' success. Thank You!"
--- Mike Domenico

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--- Niranjan Kumar Sunkari --- United Kingdom

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--- G.N. --- California


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