" I loved all of the inspirational quotes and stories. Thank you very much for taking the time to compose such a wonderful page... it really had a positive effect on me. It's at those times when I just feel like giving up and then I read about how someone else has decided to keep going and not quit that really gives that extra push to keep me going. Thank you very much!"
---Colleen Coughlin

" I really love your site "Motivating Moments" and it is true to its name. Whenever I need to feel good, or am a bit free I go to your site and there I find just the right inspiration I need. I have recommended it to all my friends and we even exchange articles on the site. Do keep up the good work."
---Sharon Pires --- India

" I just wanted to say that I am glad that you enjoyed the quotes. I love surfing the web for quotes and inspirational thoughts. When I found yours, I knew it was a good one. It makes me have a better attitude when I read the thoughts for the day and the quotes. I enjoy the website and I am glad that I was able to contribute to it. Best of Luck!"
---Molly P., Age 16 --- Texas

" I love your web-site! It can always make me smile."
---H.I., Age 15 --- Virginia

" I love your site! It's incredible and inspiring and altogether brightens up my week. :)"
---Stacey L., Age 18 --- California

" Great web site. I was looking for quotes to put on graduation bookmarks for our MA graduates. I found what I needed at your site."
---Janet Henker --- California

" I just wanted to tell you how wonderful it has been to visit your site over and over in the past year. I have a friend who is very depressed and often needs that little something to help keep him going. I take some of the quotes from your site and send one to him every day in the mail.

I've also sent him some of the stories you've published and he enjoys reading them. I thank you deeply for taking the time to keep this site updated and for helping me to help a friend in need. It's nice to know that there are people out there who really care."
Best wishes,

" I loved your page for Thoughts of the day. I send thoughts everyday to my ICQ friends and I was running out of things to send. I'm really glad I found your site."
---Avhyc Ramos --- Manila, Philippines

" This is my most favorite place on all the web!! I cannot express to you in words, how grateful I am to have all these wonderful inspirations in my life. It is 1:30 am...and still, I can't get enough. I am planning to make a bunch of copies of these, and hand them out at my HS graduation to all my dear friends. Thank you so much!!"
---Angie H., Age 18 --- South Dakota

" You have a GREAT site! I just found it a couple of days ago and I've been there every day. I still haven't read all the quotes on there yet. You have put in a lot of work to make it this good!"
---Blake P., Age 15 --- Arkansas

" Great site! I'm sitting here very late at night looking for answers to some problems which have been plaguing my life for over a year now. I don't think anything on your site will solve any of them, but it sure helps to hear that there is a light at the end of the tunnel when everything in front of you appears dark and muddled. At the very least, it put a smile on my face. :0) "
---Frank --- New York

" I just wanted to tell you how great your page is. I visit it everyday and it really helps me when I'm down in the dumps. Thanks."
---Kristy W., Age 18 --- Wisconsin

" Thank you for the great resource of positive quotations. Each week I post a new inspirational message on a dry erase board in the department that I manage. I never fail to find something appropriate."
Best regards,
---Tom Hastings --- Ohio

" I really like this site, the stories and poems are always so touching. I was having a hard time and my boyfriend found this site and linked it to me. I was so moved that I just started crying. You have a great site! Keep up the excellent work!"
---Kristan R., Age 17 --- Kentucky

" Your web site is absolutely wonderful!! To make a long story short, my uncle is a drug addict and has been for years. He is addicted to heroin. My family has done everything and anything to try and help him overcome his addiction. Nothing has helped.

In my last effort, I have decided to anonymously mail him inspirational quotes about twice a week. I am hoping that with these quotes, he will find within himself, the courage and strength to better his life and stop his addiction before it gets the best of him.

Your web site has been very helpful. I have also found, along my way, some very inspirational quotes for myself also. I lost my mother, who was 35 years old, 6 years ago. She was killed by a drunk driver. I can't imagine ever getting over the loss, but your site has so many quotations on how wonderful life could be and should be. It gives me hope that there's a lot of good in this world I have yet to experience. Thank you. I'm sure you touch so many peoples lives with this wonderful site. Good luck to you and keep up the good work..."
---Toni F., --- New Jersey

" Just a quick note to say, "Thank You." I love your site and come here nightly to refresh myself with the inspirational messages. I praise God for folks like you who keep sites CLEAN and help spread His joyous word."
---Jim Mackay --- Oregon

" I just put a shortcut to your page on my desk top. When I read my mail in the morning, I can also read this page to get me moving for the day. Keep up the good work."
---Pam Roberts

" I have spent endless hours reading all of the inspirational moments on the motivateus web site. I found it about 2 weeks ago when I was looking for a story (a pizza, a party and a moonlight ride, I am sure you have heard of it) on the Internet but instead I found about a million on your web site. I have read all of your stories all the way from last April.

One of my personal favorite is the one where there are to old men in hospital beds and one was by the window and he told the other old man all of the stuff he saw out the window, when really it was a big wall. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it. Well I just wanted you to know that your stories mean a lot to me and I made a little book full of my favorites and showed them to all of my friends."
---Becca W., Age 15 --- Kansas

" I just wanted to say again how much I enjoy this site! It always makes my days at work pass better! Thanks,"
---Ignacio Vaca, Jr. --- Texas

" Just a note to say thanks for a wonderful website. Three years ago I started keeping a spiral notebook of quotes that were inspiring and even humorous. I have found a lot of them at your site. Each day I send one to my daughter in an e-mail, in hopes that maybe some of them will mean something to her or help to encourage her in her daily life as a teenager. It has helped so much since you have dated each new quote in all of your categories. Once again, thanks for taking the time to put out this terrific website. God bless you."
---Debbie --- West Virginia

" Thanks for giving us teens such a great place to give our very best to all the other teens out there who might need inspiration! I was once one of them... Thank you!"

" Two years ago, a close friend of my family was murdered. It changed my life forever. To this day, I am still not sure how to take that feeling of pain away. When I read your page, I feel a little better. Thank you!"
---Lisa, Age 17

" I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this wonderful website. I am a high school English teacher, and I use quotes in my daily lessons. It is wonderful to have a site that contains so many powerful quotes!"
---Jill Shea --- Nebraska

" I just have to tell you that I love your website. Almost everyday I go in and read those quotes you put up for everyone to read and I think it is a great idea. When I'm having a bad idea, I go to your website to read the quotes for that day and all of a sudden I don't feel that bad anymore. Thank you so much for your website. I think it is great.

Most people that have a website don't always update it so often except you. I appreciate what you are doing. I have to tell you one more thing though, I love it how you write back to the people that send you email. Since you have a website, you must get a lot of e-mail and when I wrote you a letter you got back to me in like three days."
---Lindsay G., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania

" I came across your website and I love it. The quotes are so encouraging and motivating. I just felt compelled to write you and say keep up the good work. I bookmarked your page and plan on visiting it daily for encouragement."

" I found your site quite by accident, but it has given me the strength and courage to believe in what I am doing for my niece.

In 1985, 8 months after my second marriage to a military man, I had a hysterectomy, and was devastated. I had two children, ages 8 & 9, but was raised to give my husband children. For a long time I wanted to adopt a child, but the timing was never right. We raised my children with love and my husband never used the word stepchildren in their presence.

In 1998, my husband retired from the Navy and we returned to our home in Iowa. We were content and having a honeymoon period. The next thing we know I get court-ordered temporary custody of my niece and nephew, ages 12 & 15! Both children were raised in an deplorable environment that most people only know about through TV or newspapers.

My husband and I tried to give the children a safe and stable home that they could enjoy. My nephew hated someone caring about him and became very defiant. He was eventually returned to his father. My niece had a number of problems, afraid of so many things we take for granted. Many nights I slept with her because she was scared of the dark, someone killing her, the window in her room, or losing our home.

One night when I slept with her she asked me if I was her angel because I saved her from her parents. That night I had someone tell me in a dream that my wishes and prayers for an adopted baby were answered. I woke up knowing that this child, who never knew a loving and caring home, was going to be with us for the rest of our lives. We went to court and asked for protection for this fragile child who needed love and help.

When I was looking for something to help my niece overcome her fears, I found your site. Since that time I have read and bookmarked many of the stories from Inspirational Moments. We have sent this link to many of our friends and family who also enjoy it. So I wanted to send you a very big THANK YOU from a happy family."
God Bless You,

" I'm a tutor in a small private training institution here in New Zealand. Because the make up of the group that I take is usually people who haven't done well at school and/or have been unemployed for quite a while, self-esteem is a big problem. I usually like to include a positive quote per day and even though not all of them are interested in them, the majority of the group keep a section of their notebooks for the daily quote. One of the young women on the course regularly kidnaps one of my books (just bound print-offs) and types them up for herself. Its great that I can get real variety from the quotes that appear in your web-site. Keep up the excellent work!"
---Kevin Field --- New Zealand

" I love your site. I am a beginning collector for quotes and am starting my own little quotes where I write lots of different inspirational heartwarming quotes inside a journal. And when a friend recommended your site for me, I felt VERY inspired and have bookmarked it as my ultimate favorite site. I'm addicted to your site. There are so many wonderful quotes to read and add to my quotes book (ones that aren't copyrighted are added, at least.) and I constantly check everyday to see if it was updated yet since it is updated so often. And being inspired, I took the time to sit and think and make up a quote of my own. Thank you so much for creating this site for all of us to enjoy!"
---Nhi N., Age 16 --- Texas

" I want to tell you again too how much I enjoy and utilize your website. I am the Vice-President of a service organization and I have to come up with inspirations every week to get people motivated for service. I can't tell you how many ideas I've found from your site and I am truly grateful!
Take care and God bless!"
---Kari Thorson --- Arizona

" Hello! I would just like to tell you that your quotes are absolutely wonderful. I am a teenager and the section for teens was great. I found a lot of quotes for my S.A.D.D. club at school that we are going to read over the loud speaker to encourage other students to stay away from drugs and alcohol. Keep up the good work, I'm sure I'll visit your site often!"

" Your web page is incredible! I am a frequent visitor and it has continued to help me see through my tears - thank you so much."
---Storm P., Age 18 --- Brisbane, Australia

" Wonderful website! What a gold mine of positive quotations!"
---Carla Sweet --- Colorado

" I absolutely love this website and its content. I have always looked for the positive in every encounter and consideration. It has been the driving force, and saving grace in my life...being positive and encouraging to others and myself. Anyway, people never gave up on me, and I haven't given up on people either. Thanks!"
---Gordon Fulton --- North Carolina

" Your motivational quote web page is terrific....keep up the good work."
---Wanda Sheehan

" THANKS!!! What a wonderful page. I pastor a church in Mission Viejo, Calif. and I am always looking for sources for illustrations for messages. This is a great web page. I will recommend it, I will be back and I will pray for you to be used to bring joy."

" I lost my husband four years ago. I am almost through the grieving stage. My daughter found your site and forwarded it to me. I have been crying for the last five minutes. How I could have used this during my last four years. I have forwarded this to a friend who is newly widowed. She will need this for sure. Keep up the wonderful work."

" Wow, I just wanted to write to you a quick little note to tell you how much I enjoy your inspirational quote web pages! I think it is wonderful that someone has taken the time to put together all those touching quotes. It really made my day to go through and read some of the quotes. Now I have added the website to my favorites list and intend to go back very frequently."
---Holly Toland --- Massachusetts

" I have never enjoyed, or gained so much from any place. I am going through a divorce after 10 1/2 years. I have been unable to pull my self up and find reason in my life. I searched on the web for "motivation" and found your site. All I can say is Thank You, to you and all the people who have contributed to your site. I have only gotten through one page of daily quotes, and already I feel my life is and will turn around. Please don't ever stop this site, and I hope that you get back many times over what you are giving out."
---A. Meyer ---Texas

" What a refreshing site to visit. I was browsing to identify motivational instruments and came across your web site. I, myself, am in process of personal, emotional transition, growth and spiritual renewal and have found the quotes contained to be so helpful and uplifting. I will share this web site with others."

" I am back again and with all the support for our site, not yours, only because you guide us and motivate us to make such a wonderful world of inspiring quotes. Marlene "our" is great. One thing that inspires me mostly is it is the only site that I contribute some thing to make it a success. Thank you for giving us such a site to express our feelings knowing that somewhere out there people will read and be touched, and sympathize as well."
---Cassandra Zenzo Ncube --- Harare, Zimbabwe

" I know you get tons of emails thanking you for your page, but I just wanted to let you know that someone else appreciates you. I am the captain of my basketball, volleyball, and softball teams, and because of this, I try to give my teammates a positive quote in their locker every game day. By the end of the season, their entire locker door is covered in motivation. They all love it, and say it really pumps them up for games. Also, they say that every once in a while they just sit there and read the quotes and get inspired. The quotes are now like a pre-game day ritual for me. I don't know how we could have made it through our seasons without them or without your page. Thank you so much for everything."
---Sara Stahlman

" It's great to just browse through your site and get that little lift I need. Keep up the great work."
---Jeff Kelly --- Tasmania, Australia

" These pages of quotes are awesome. It took me forever to find a site on the net with what I was looking for. Them I found your page. My sister is a freshman in high school and on the basketball team. The team is working towards their second straight State Championship. Everyday I have been giving her an encouraging quote. Because of your page, she will, hopefully, be pumped for the upcoming games. Thank you."
---Nichole, Age 13 --- Pennsylvania

" I love the site, it was very uplifting. Thanks for everything."
---Sara A., Age 14 --- New Mexico

" Thank you for your work in these pages. I have just won a local election and I looked up the word "Motivation". I have looked over a lot of pages but your will remain book marked forever."
---Ross Tyler --- Alberta, Canada

" Marlene, I usually try to start my day with some quick positive thought. There are some days that are hard to start. At any rate, your site is a good spot to fuel up on positivity. Keep up the good work."
---Wayne Hebb --- Canada

" I would just like to say that your webpages have gotten me through some very, very difficult times in my life, and I appreciate you greatly. Especially right now. My girlfriend and I split up after 8 months in late January, so this Valentine season, as you can probably imagine, has been very difficult for me, with this aura of love surrounding seemingly everyone but me.

The motivational quotes on your page have kept me going, and I now know that eventually I WILL find someone and WILL be loved again. You are truly a wonderful person, bless you. Keep up the outstanding work and take care."

" This site is wonderful!!!!! I am an elementary guidance counselor. At times, I truly need help motivating and inspiring myself. This helps."
---Lisa --- Kentucky

" I can never thank you enough for having this marvelous and extraordinary site. Every single message is just wonderful. Thanks again and God Bless you."
With much gratitude,
---Emma :-)

" I have recently discovered your site and think it is great. I visit your Teen pages daily to see if there is something new. Don't ever get rid of this site. It keeps me going through the week."
---Missi, Age 15 --- Missouri

" I have always used quotes to get me psyched for a sports event. I had a big swim meet coming up so right before I left I read you motivational page and I qualified for the state meet. I'm not saying that the hard work I've put in didn't help, but the quotes made me believe that it was possible."
--- Erin Stanton --- New York

" I really like your website MOTIVATEUS.COM, very inspirational and it helped me a lot. More power and GOD BLESS."
---Jennifer Cecile P. Gavino --- Philippines

" I just broke up with my girlfriend and I needed something to cheer me up.....this did it. I just needed some quotes to make my life happier. I wanted to say thanks....BIG TIME.."

" Wanted to send a quick "thank you" for your page. I send out a quote of the day to 52 different people that I work with, used to work with, friends of friends etc. and I can't tell you how many awesome quotes I get from your pages. Every 6 months I send out your website address to everyone on my Quote of the day list as well. Occasionally I write my own and wanted to share them with you. Hope you like them and can use them for your page. Please keep the inspiration coming."
---Stacey Charter --- Pennsylvania

" Fantastic site! Inspirational! I am a teaching pastor, and have found your site a tremendous resource for practicing what I call "creative redundancy." That is, learning to teach timeless truths in fresh, new ways."

" WOW! What a site. Thanks for your efforts that so many of us will benefit from. I have spent several hours and will spend many more in the days to come. What an inspirational site."

" I am a Personal Assistant and willing to share and hear from the giant thinkers who contribute to your site. Thank you very much for the site it's the best thing to me and a hundred times I have gone through it and a hundred times I have been strengthened and given confidence by what I read."
---Cassandra Zenzo Ncube --- Harare, Zimbabwe

" I just wanted to say I think this page is truly magical, thank you for creating it!"
---Brian Reitz --- Illinois

" I loved your page.....I live by quotes and I have a collection of over 25 pages worth. It's great what your doing. I hope at least one of these quotes get in it.....I just want everyone else to know how quotes can inspire you."
---Sarah E., Age 13 --- Massachusetts

" I really enjoy your page!! I work in a large office, over 200 hundred people. I send out a daily quote through our online mail system. I usually get the quotes from your page. At first I wasn't sure how well they were being received. Then I started getting very positive feedback. Now my audience has grown, I send these daily quotes to other departments within my corporation and to other companies! I feel in a small way I am making a positive difference in people's lives. and it's a great feeling!! Thanks for developing such a wonderful site!"
---Sharon --- Massachusetts

" Great Site, A positive thought is always close by. Thanks for the inspirations."
---Jeff Vossen

" Thanks for your awesome page. I love to read it especially when I am having a bad day. Keep up the Great Work!"
---G.Hannig --- Utah

" I love this site, it is one of my favorites. I just found it today. I expect to come visit this site many times."
Thank you so much,

" Hi! I'm a high school teacher here in the beautiful island of the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. I just love your page. It's been a blessing and a great resource to share words of wisdom and inspiration with my students. Each day they look forward to the quotation I bring. Some students are even motivated to write their own quotations. I'm really excited seeing my students so motivated. Thanks again."
---Mrs. Cynthia Ramírez --- Puerto Rico

" Thank you so much for this terrific website; I've sent poems, quotes, and stories from it to someone whom I love very much, and they have brightened her day!"
---Earl E. Busby

" Dear Marlene,
I am a 16 year old high school student and have really enjoyed reading all of the quotes and stories that you provide on I believe I have read all of them and cannot wait for more. I just wanted to thank you. I do not know why stories and quotes touch me so, but they do. I hope that one day I will be able to add some myself."
---Lynn Burnett --- South Carolina

" I recently had a friend die in a boating accident and I just wanted to say thank you for making this site for grieving people. It has really helped me get through some of it."
Thank You,
---Brianna, Age 14

" To say that your site is uplifting would be an understatement. Of course I added it to my "favorites" list. As a retired school principal I wish I knew of this site when I was working. I hope to use it not only for my "up" of the day, week, month or whatever but as a source of encouragement and inspiration to others."
Thank you,
---Bob Balogh

" What a wonderful site. Just what I needed. Thank you so much for your time and talent."
---Ella May

" I have found your site to be a ray life of light in what are otherwise trying times."
---Erin Wright --- Pennsylvania

" I have been sharing all the stories with my wife and our children. Especially my daughter, (part of the reason I want my girl to read them is to improve her English, which is not our mother tongue.) The stories will definitely help her English language knowledge, and most importantly of all, make them into a better person, through the moral of the stories. Likewise my wife and I have been quite touched by some of the stories. Please keep up the good works."
Thank you and God bless you.
---Ng Kee Pooi --- Malaysia

" Kudos to you and your motivational website. I stumbled on it today looking for something fulfilling to send to a friend who is losing their mind. They were forever grateful as I gave him some hope with your messages."
Thank you
---J. Smith

" It is so wonderful to read such uplifting and spiritual messages on this page. It is so easy to get bogged down in the minutia of this world today. I am a school teacher, and I see what having no motivation or inspiration has done to our young people. I myself am on sort of a spiritual quest, and I anxiously await the new additions to your site each week. Thank you for your awareness and for providing an oasis of hope and enlightenment."
---Someone very grateful

" Thank you so much! :o) Your website is so great! Whenever I'm having a rough time I go there and I leave feeling confident again. It's brought my grades up and my self esteem!"
---Natalia Martinez --- Texas

" Congratulations for a great quote compilation and collection. I heartily recommend your great collection for every Toastmaster worldwide."
---Richard M. Hays, Jr. --- Pennsylvania

" I just wanted to say thank you for this website--I love it--honestly!! I am a junior in college and I visit this site at least twice a week reading the new poems and quotes. I always pass along my favorite ones to my friends....and they love it too! A little motivation can much such a difference! Thank makes such a difference in my life and those around me!"

" I am just writing to say thank you. I love your web site. It is changing my life. I am an emotional person, but never does a movie or story quite bring tears to my eyes. I cried twice today over two very moving stories I read on "Inspirational Moments". I'm going through a tough time in life right now,(what teenager isn't), and this web page is helping a lot. I am unbelievably happy for no reason and have great urges to make great differences in people's lives and just to make others happy. Thank you so much!"
---Jonathan --- Pennsylvania

" I have been using an organizational system ( a day timer kinda thing) for the past year. It has a line for the "thought for the day". Until I found your site I left this daily entry blank. I have found so many motivational / inspirational, quality quotes that now my page runneth over! Thank you for maintaining this wonderful site."
---Chris White --- Fire fighter in Colorado


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