" I found this website about two months ago and found such comfort through your grief area. I lost my Mom in March of this year, at the young age of 60 to alcoholism. I am a 40 year old female struggling with the issues of the past 25+ years.

The thoughts, stories and words of hope carried me through a tough period. My link was the laptop computer I used daily for my job and when it was upgraded to a newer version, my bookmark was lost. I searched many hours over many weeks, unable to find you again. And tonight, I believe an Angel, maybe Mom, walked me down the path again.

I am grateful to God, I again found solace, and yes - I logged your website in more than one place. Thank you So Very Much for the words and hope through another night....."
--- Karen

" This is a great page it has helped me so much you cannot understand. I simply love it ! Keep up the great work !!!"
--- Kristina

" Once a month I get a get a quote from your motivations and use it in my signature when I send e-mail. I enjoy reading them because it makes me appreciate life so much more."
--- Evelyn G. Walker --- Ohio

" Being a Canadian, the people I am dealing with are those who served in Somalia, Bosnia, Croatia, Kuwait, Rwanda (ethnic cleansing) and Haiti and are suffering from POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER.

It's extremely hard to hear the stories and facts that some of those people are talking about. Being in the Military myself and in a Leadership position, I must ensure that they are well looked after. Not only the soldiers but their families.

Now you will never wonder why I look at your Web Page daily. I use you Web Site to motivate myself and believe me it works. It's probably the best therapeutic tool there is. COMMUNICATION is the key word when it comes to solving some of their problems. To you and your web site, thank you for what you're doing for people."
--- Frank Emond --- Canada

Dear Marlene,
" Hello, I am a very dear friend of Paul Bauer of Dreams Alive and am also the voice of the Dream-Minder.

Paul speaks very highly of you and your web site. I recall my first introduction to your web site was one summer morning while I was spending some quiet vacation time in Lake Geneva. I was visiting various web sites while sitting in my favorite chair on my deck listening to the birds.

Your site was among the best. What struck me most was the clean, positive energy behind your site...the intention from your heart. It almost flows out from the screen as one moves through your site. I would love to participate in linking your site to mine and in any other ways I can help spread your word."
--- Susan M. Castle --- President Mind, Body Soul

Dear Marlene,
" Your site 'Motivating Moments' has been a tremendous source of inspiration and courage to me and many of the stories have touched the deepest cord in my heart. I have preserved each article in a folder, the pages of which I can open, to cheer me up when I'm down. I have shared them with many of my friends who are not fortunate enough to have the internet facility and for those friends who have it, I have recommended they visit your site, and like me many of them have found it an excellent and rewarding experience. Thanks so much for showing me a way when at times I thought all was lost."
--- Sharon Pires

" I just wanted to tell you how much I love this site. I was up late last night and some how stumbled across it then I really couldn't go to bed. I had to keep reading! I've had 3 deaths in my family in the past year and its been real hard. Thank You so much!! Keep up the good work!!"
--- Renee

Hi Marlene!
" I just wanted to let you know that your site is "totally awesome". I got it from a friend who know I love quotes etc. And I've thanked him numerous times for giving me the link! I love it! Thank~you!"
--- Denise R. Kunkel

" I have recently begun a collection of quotes, and I found your site. I think that I've read everything on the site so far, but I'm sure that I'll keep coming back. It's my favorite site out there! "
Keep up the good work!! :-)

" I don't know how to thank you enough for all the Inspirational and Motivational stories you have in your page. They're really great. Thanks a ton."
---Wilma --- Hong Kong

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---Margaret --- Pennsylvania

" All I can say is WOW! I am a quote junkie and have been for years. I have millions of scrap papers, poems, etc. that I have kept for years and now write them in a book. I spent about 31/2 hours last night on your site just reading the great quotes people have submitted. I must admit I'm hooked. I cannot even read it tonight because my eyes are so blurred from the screen. Thanks for putting together a GREAT web site. I'm hooked and will share it with all my friends."
Kindest Regards,
---Ann M.Shumbo

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---Brad E., Age 17 --- Pennsylvania

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---Colleen E., Age 17 --- Canada

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---Toni Palmer --- England

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---Lisa Frisby

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---Traci S., Age 17 --- Iowa

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---Tammy Kane --- Wyoming

" Hats off to your site and especially your content. Our society needs a lot more of what you have to offer. Good clean positive thinking. I hope you can keep your site going forever. I especially am impressed with teen involvement. That means to me that our world is not going to crash and burn. If you read, see or hear something positive and then repeat it to others. Then I think that it has been engraved into your own heart. If the next person passes it along then you have branded their heart too."
---Charlie Litton

" I am an assistant Boys Varsity Basketball Coach. Practice begins tomorrow, 11/16/98. I am also the Executive Manager for a Mortgage Corporation. In both capacities, I am faced with challenges for one to find ways to improve their self worth and work together as a team. My daughter, Traci, found your home page, and I have visited every time I get online. I want to thank you for helping me help others become successful. "
---Donald C. Skinner --- Iowa

" I just wanted to take the time to tell you how much I love you site. It is great for many reasons if I feel down I just log on to your web page and read all of these amazing quotes. Also I play college basketball and when I need something inspirational I print a quote from off of your page and it brings the team up. And I just love your site. Thank you and keep up the good work."
Thanks, ---Jacki

" I have to thank and congratulate you, this site is the best on the net. I've moved from South Africa to Australia a year ago and sometimes I miss my family terribly. Since I came across your work, I know where to go in these "down" times. Please, keep up the good work. God Bless!"
---Terésa Meyer --- Perth, Western Australia

" Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how wonderful your site is. I didn't have time to look at it all and plan on returning another day. I did go to the section on "Grief and Grieving" and went through it all. My brother was recently killed in a jet crash in Australia. He was a Marine fighter jet pilot and was practicing at night when he crashed. Needless to say, your website has brought me some comfort and encouragement. I plan on sharing your site with friends and relatives, too."
Thank you

" I really love your webpage! You're doing an awesome job! Hope it'll be on the web forever!"
---Melanie, Age 18 --- Australia

" This page has helped me so much. The best book is one that teaches you something that you already know. I have learned many of these truths in life and to know that other people have the same feelings and are just like me gives me confidence and stability to tackle the problems of life."
---Shane Warren

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---Ursula Rumble --- South Africa

" I have just started a new job which requires training others. I was looking for something to motivate them to learn. I have been posting quotations on our training board and was thrilled to find your website. You have provided me and my co-workers a lot of good quotations that can touch and inspire us to do a better job at helping and coaching others. Your website has been very helpful and for that I just wanted to say THANKS and keep up the good work."

" We appreciate your time, dedication, and effort in providing such a resource of inspirational and motivational quotes. It is a gift to those that appreciate the wisdom, insight, and power that can be unleashed with words, expressions, and personal experiences. "
--- Kirk Scherz

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---Chelsea --- Hawaii

" Hi Marlene,
I'm visiting from Monterrey, Mexico...I found out about your page because my high school history teacher uses a quote from your page to begin each of our classes, and I got the URL from her..your page is FANTASTIC ! Just yesterday I was feeling pretty blue and your page has really been great! Thanks,"
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---Emma Guevara --- Texas

" Hi Marlene
Thank you so much for your wonderful website. It is Saturday morning 11.08 here in Pretoria, South Africa and I went on the web for a few minutes. I have been on for nearly 1:45 just reading your site.

Wow I am so pleased I found it and will visit often. I was looking for something nice to put in a card to a friend after harsh words this week. Your site has certainly helped me.

It is so exciting to find an exceptional site and judging from your visitors there are so many wonderful people out there world wide also spreading love, kindness, courage and hope to those that need it. Thanks again. "
--- Jenni Bell --- Pretoria, South Africa

" I want you to know that I love this web site! Thanks! "
--- Whitney L., Age 15 --- Utah

" Hi Marlene,
I visited your website. Wow, it's great. My great grandmother has a scrapbook that she has had since she was young. She is 84 now. When her time here is done the scrapbook is mine. I love collecting quotes and poems like she does. I can keep adding to grandma's with ones that I have collected and I will then pass it on to my daughter someday. She loves this stuff too. Keep up the great work. "
--- Sandra Lalonde --- Ontario, Canada

" Dear Marlene,
I just wanted to thank you for creating this website. I am 18 years old and I am going to be a freshman at Villanova University in Philadelphia, PA.

I am currently training to tryout for their field hockey team. It is a division 1 field hockey team and it is very competitive. Most of the other girls are recruited, but I was not.

Throughout this whole summer I have challenged myself and questioned how much I want to be a part of this team many times every day. When I found your site I was kind of in a slump and feeling sorry for myself because I wasn't playing well in games. I spent hours on your website and you have given me new strength and determination.

I copied down the quotes that especially inspired me and re-typed them and now I have about 120 quotes taped to the back of my bedroom door. Before I go to run or in any way train or even when I just need some inspiration I just read the back of my door and feel like I can do anything.

I know that it is so important to me to be on this team, but I know that no matter what happens I gave it my all and I have learned invaluable lessons along the way. THANK YOU! and keep up the good work. "
--- Jennifer, Age 18 --- Pennsylvania

" Thank you for giving the dreamers a place to find a"drinking hole" in the desert of failures that precede the glorious triumphs."
--- Cully Miller --- Pennsylvania

" I think that what you are doing is a very positive thing. At some point or another, everyone needs to hear or read something positive with all of this negativity around us. Thanks,"
--- Toby Dingle --- Virginia

" I am crying with happiness as I read your pages! It is just what I was looking for!! I will definitely be recommending it in our next newsletter for our state wide cancer support group for young adults (25 - 35 year old cancer patients and their family/supporters). If any site visitors have friends going through hard or trying times, give them a print out of any of these pages and it will be sure to reduce their burdens and give them a new perspective on it all. After all, this is what friends are for! Thanks,"
--- Sue from Australia

" Thanks for posting my previous offerings. Keep up the marvelous work. I've told hundreds of people all over the country about your site since I found it. Thanks,"
--- Keith Lowry --- Texas

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--- Peggy Collins

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--- Keryn, Age 19 --- Australia

" I've really enjoyed reading through your site and I will visit it regularly.
Thank You. "
--- Jodi Brunschwig

" Thank you!! I also inspired our unit with the selection "Who You Are" One of our big inspirations and motivations is recognition for jobs well done, and that story said it all!!! Thank you again!!!!! God Bless!"
--- Sherie Jorgenson

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--- Stephenie

" I enjoy reading the poems and quotes. They have uplifted me."
--- Doreen

" Thank you! You give me a place to go when I need to. I can't wait to see what's new."
--- Stephanie Verdugo

" Thanks a bunch for this web site! I love reading through all the inspirational quotes and especially the quotes for teens. I, being a teen myself, have been going through a lot of changes and hard times. It's nice to be able to read through these quotes and be given hope and courage. Thanks again."
--- Heather W., Age 14 --- Idaho

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--- Christine Pyle --- New York

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--- Ann Markley

" I just want you to know that the story "One rose" on your inspirational moments really touched my heart! It was just so inspiring and moving. Your doing such a great job and you deserve a lot of credit for your keeping and maintaining your wonderful page. A lot of people, including me, appreciate it! Thanks!"
--- Jennifer Prugh

" It's 3:45am, Bill can't sleep (chronic pain- it's on n' off @times), So I surf cyber, come across your site, how neat! how great! this site is simply good to the core. Thinking Positive, like love, takes pre thought, effort, and discipline. Those who are negative, though they may love, true love can never be realized, until they can see their love is only a shadow of an eternal flame that could be dancing and shining in their souls. Those whom desire to grasp for all that is positive, to find the positive qualities in all, her/his sisters and brothers, to put effort into lifting the lowly, feeding the hungry, clothing humanity, disarming the greedy, are truly grasping the essence of God. Marlene, Peace, Joy,"
--- Billy Dean

" I love the story "What Was In Jeremy's Egg?". I was looking for inspirational poems and stories to send to my friends and I found them here, thank you. Keep up the good work."
--- Rachel, Age 14 --- California

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--- Jannie Putter --- Pretoria, South Africa

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--- Jenifer I., Age 18 --- Pennsylvania

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" I may have found your site by accident, but I shall return intentionally! We all need reminders of what it's all about! What a terrific way to take a break! Keep up the good work."
--- Linda Hall


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