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--- P Bastien --- Canada

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" I just wanted to express how thankful i am that u created this awesome web site. I'm an athlete and I've recently been looking 4 a motivational quotes and positive things to help inspire my teammates and myself and your page has been a big help in helping me to do so.
Thanx Again,"
--- Jenn

" Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring page."
--- J. Britany --- South Africa

" I stumbled upon your site looking for quotes to use for my Volleyball team. Our theme is "dare to dream". I found so many wonderful quotes I'll have to create a book of them for the team !!!! Thanks for the inspiration. LOVED YOUR SITE !!!!"
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--- Maggie

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--- Anonymous

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Kindest Regards
--- Beverley Lowry

" Thank you for accepting my quote. I stumbled upon your site on accident and what I read made me thank chaos. In a world so full of unenlightened and unmotivated teens, it was a blessing to read the quotes they submitted. I know you have made a difference in so many people's lives and I hope you continue to shine. "
--- Holly M., Age 17 --- Arizona

" I just discovered you and believe it was no coincidence....
("A Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous." ~unknown). Anyway, I found your site in hopes of finding a beautiful (but short) quote on parenting that I can use in my Wedding Program. But I believe I found you for another reason. My Maid of Honor just died. Brenda was only 36 and leaves behind two beautiful children. I have two incredible personal stories and one poem regarding her transition and will share them with you, I promise sometimes in the next few days. Your web site was a blessing at the end of a difficult day. It must give you such satisfaction knowing God works through you. God's love and mine! "
--- Lacy Reeves --- Colorado

" YOU'RE THE CANDLE IN THE DARK...this website is indeed a marvelous gift for all of us......a gift that brightens up the darkest hours, shows us the never ending opportunities we have in life, inspires and refreshes our spirits and most of all, i love this website!"
--- Bliss Tan --- Malaysia

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I just want to let you know just how much I enjoy your "Quotes for Teens By Teens". I love reading all the quotes because it gets me so motivated when I'm having a bad day. I even print out some of your quotes and give them to my teammates when they are going through rough times!! Thanks,"
--- Alexis M., Age 16 --- Maryland

" Hi Marlene,
Since I found this site, I have really enjoyed it & have used some great quotes. It's a great site for one to motivate one self at any time of the day or at any mood. "
--- Gary Thadani

" Yours is a wonderful idea for a webpage, most especially during these current times. Thanks much, and take care."
--- Jeff Logan

" I just want to let you know that your website keeps me going!

I was recently diagnosed with Major Depression, all after my fiance (boyfriend of 5 years) and I broke up. Being only 19, that was 1/4 of my short life. I was a 2nd year Nursing Student, trying to plan a wedding, going to school full time, working full time, my family and I were living in an alternate house until our new house was built, (a 1 bedroom summer cottage for 5 people, and 2 very spoiled dogs) Needless to say, I thought I had no reason to live. I spent almost a month of my life in a psych unit, trying to gather any ounce of strength to go on with my life.

Sometimes, I took my days minute by minute. I kept myself going by knowing if I got through the previous 60 seconds, I might be able to get through another 60 seconds. I remember praying to God that I wouldn't wake up in the morning; that he would take me in my sleep to take away all of the pain that I felt. Somehow, it never happened.

After many reconciliations with my ex.... him coming and going as he pleases; I was having those depressing thoughts again. One day, a couple of weeks ago, I just decided to look up motivational stories on the internet. I found you. I am so very glad. This page gives me the strength to hold my head high, and be glad that I am alive. I finally had the strength after almost 8 months of my ex coming and going, I decided that life was to short to waste my time crying myself to sleep every night.

The story on the page, "A Story to Live By", that says it all. It opened my eyes. I am back in school with one more year to finish my nursing degree... and keeping my chin up! I thank you so much. Keep doing what you are doing.

Please tell all of those people out there going through a breakup, or a divorce, or a death.... whatever it may be; Time will heal... and God will heal. Let them know that somebody is always watching over them, and somebody cares whether it seems that way or not. Life is far to short to live your life in pain. Thank you again. Keep up the awesome work!!! "
--- Tiffany, Age 20 --- Indiana

" Still the most motivational site on the net - keep the good work up!"
--- Lockie Martin --- New Zealand

" Dear Marlene,
I just want to thank you for this amazing website, I don't think there is a better one. I always like to improve myself, to be a better person each day and your Inspiring Moments sure help me. I am a sixteen year old girl, and whenever I read your stories I always start to cry. They just touch my heart.

I think that the most important thing in life is being close to God, being true to yourself and your feelings, and improving yourself on a day to day basis. To me that is the pure way to live life. Once you have all those key ingredients everything else will flow.

Well thanks again for all those wonderful short stories and quotes, I'm sure you've helped a lot of people understand and realize to dust off their old hearts and be pure again. I believe there is a good in everyone, we just need to search for it. Hope to hear from you soon."
--- Magdalena S., Age 16 --- Canada

" In a time where nations are undergoing a slump,
depression or economic crisis,
where war seem imminent & Armageddon nearby,
where floods, famines and wars are breaking families and killing lives
where there is much anxiety & uncertainty,
I am grateful to go to a page to re-charge myself"
--- Brumakumar s/o Balakrishnan ---Singapore

" I think that this is a great site for teens who are looking for quotes/help from other teens who have lived it already."
--- Jenny P., Age 14 --- Pennsylvania

" Dear Marlene,
Thank you so much for your quotes and stories. I am involved with entertaining older people in nursing homes, senior citizens clubs and other venues and your wonderful stories of encouragement have been so helpful to these people (and myself of course) I hope to add something to your page soon."
--- Rose Perry --- Australia

" Thank you so much for taking out time for teens. This has been helpful because I design bulletin boards at my school and always need some ideas esp. from my peers."
--- Keva L., Age 16 --- Texas

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Just found your website, forwarded by a friend....and it is wonderful. I just thought you might need to hear a "thank you".......for the long hours and hard work it takes to produce it. ...and to know that people are really enjoying it!"
--- Mae

" Dear Marlene,
I just wanted you to know how much I enjoy your site. My son teases me because when I am sharing some of the stories with him, I often cannot make it through without choking up with the tears of emotion that come forth with the heartfelt stories that you offer. I only found the site last month and thought for sure that when I came back it would be the same stories, but was delighted to find new ones that you had entered. Thank you for caring enough to share, this site is wonderful. God bless you,"
--- Barbara Barker

" Hi!
I just wanted to tell you 'thanks' for having such a bright and happy page. It's a great idea to have a page that's there for kids to go to when they might not be feeling the best, or even if they are feeling good about themselves, to make them feel even happier!! Keep smiling!!"
--- Megan, Age 17 --- Melbourne, Australia

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--- Lorraine Pitcher

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I love your site-motivating moments are the best. I've got a ton of quotes that I'll send, and then I'll forward some great Motivating moments that I've received via email. Keep up the good work!"
--- Kristen C., Age 15 --- Kansas

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--- Stefanie Bartram --- Ohio

" Hi, my name is Stephen, and I was just on your website looking at different quotes, which most of them touch my heart. I appreciate the opportunity that you've given not only me but today's young people, plus the education through Internet."
Truly Yours,
--- Stephen Kaggwa --- Uganda

" Hello there, I love your site. It's great for people to have access to this kind of inspiration! Thank you for providing this forum!"
--- Mike Valentine

" I'd just like to say that I think your site is fantastic, and truly inspirational."
--- Astra --- Melbourne, Australia

" What I think about your site.
7 words : It keeps me up when I'm down.
---Chen Zhenzhi --- Singapore

" Marlene-
Thank You so much for this wonderful page. All summer I have been reading it and checking for updates. found so many great quotes that I fell in love with that I have started a quote book full of all the quotes and poems that have such meaning and relevance in my life. We all have our hard times and I am in one of those and the quotes help a lot. Keep up the good work--it helps a lot of people and brings smiles to a lot of peoples faces!"
---Leslie W., Age 17 --- Missouri

" Hi Marlene,
I LOVE this site! I check it out every time it changes. Thanks so much for providing this. It gives me reassurance that despite daily evidence to the contrary, there are still good people out there with their heads screwed on straight."
---Chad King --- Texas

" Dear Marlene,
I love your site! Whenever I feel sad I go to your site and read some of the quotes and poems and it always lifts my spirit. I have copied many of your stories down and e-mailed them to my friends to brighten up their day. Thanks for putting up that poem I sent you called "Death Of An Innocent" I really think it can help people understand what can happen when you drink and drive."
---Rachel G., Age 14 --- California

" I hope that you have a good day, and keep up the good work you're doing at motivational moments. It has really became one of the best thing on the computer. Thanks!"
---Sandy L., Age 17 --- South Carolina

" I would just like to thank you for creating this page for teenagers like me, for if it weren't for people like you, many others might never get a chance to hear what we have to say or better yet, WHAT WE BELIEVE IN. Thank you,"
---Michael M., Age 17 --- Ohio

" Thank you for making this site
Thank you for giving us your time
Thank you for helping us care
Thank you from my heart"
--- Ruby Marcelo --- Hawaii

" Hi Marlene!
I've been reading your site for a couple of weeks and really enjoy it. The poem for this week's topic is really heartbreaking! It's always the innocent ones that get the hardest punishment."
Greetings from Sweden,
--- Malin

" Marlene,
Thank you so much for making this site. I am a rhythmic gymnast and would one day like to be on the national team. I train up to seven hours a day as well as going to school. Sometimes it is very tiring and you don't know how you're going to get through another practice. I already have a few quotes that are on my wall whenever I need some extra motivation but I have always been looking for more. Your pages were even better than what I was looking for and your quotes have already helped me. Thank you so much!"
--- Meredith, Age 15 --- Ontario, Canada

" Dear Marlene:
I came across your site while searching for a good inspirational quotation for my upcoming Toastmasters Meeting. What a wonderful site you've developed...I shall visit it often! Thanks for creating such a wonderful place for people to turn for inspiration."
--- Lynn Bishop

" The web page is incredible! I have to write a lot of speeches and the quotes are perfect for it and I just wanted to say thank you!"
--- Anonymous

" Marlene,
I am 17 and this is exactly the kind of thing that I have been looking for. I have printed now over 20 pages of quotes and stories and am going to pass them out to people I know and don't know to give them a better day. I have also plastered many of these sayings into my locker. I love inspirations, and I just wanted to thank you for having such a brilliant site. I will send my input in the days to come.
--- Angie

" Hi Marlene,
I really enjoy your site. I have begun to add quotes from your site to my business emails. Thanks,"
--- Scott Baker

" Dear Marlene,
I can't tell you how much this website has helped me put things in perspective. Sometimes I get caught up in the superficial teenage world and it's nice to have a place where I can grasp what is truly important in this life. I'm going off to college soon and it's comforting to read and learn from other people's words of wisdom and inspiration. I've been compiling a list of my favorite quotes and sharing them with all my friends. I check back every few days to read the new ones. Thanks so much for creating such a wonderful site- your hard work does not go unnoticed."
---Shireen G., Age 18 , California


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